This was posted 1 year 15 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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BYD Atto 3 Standard Range $48,365 + ORC after Rebate (Save $2000), Long Range $51,365 + ORC after Rebate (Save $2500) @ MG Motor


Fieldays sale.

BYD Standard Range
$56,990 +orc1 - 8625 rebate (regular price is $58,990 + orc).

BYD Extended Range
$59,990 +orc -8625 rebate (regular price is $62,490 + orc -8625 rebate).

Stock advertised as being available.

Pretty nice car. AA/Driven Car of the year for 2022 in the BEV category. Interior styling is slightly odd. Both battery packs are Lithium iron phosphate chemistry, which is very degradation resistant.

Note the EV rebate will reduce from $8625 to $7015 on July 1.

  1. ORC = On Road Costs 

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  • That refund process must be swamped at the moment. I applied two weeks ago today, and have received only the original receipt of application email so far.

    • Fortunately, it is the date of first registration, not the date of processing which determines the amount. Source:…

      I'm not surprised the refund process is getting swamped. Changed to clean car discounts & fees coming in at the end of this month create a strong incentive to make transactions now, and get car's registered. Last change to get the government to pay for 10% of your base suzuki swift manual….

    • +1

      We applied on 09/05 and received the rebate last Wednesday 24/05 so a bit of a wait but not too bad.

    • Bought a car early May and got the rebate processed after 15 days.

    • Follow up, just came through, so around 14 days or so.

  • BYD actually put their prices up by $2000 in January this year. To keep the consumers happy they added a free car charger when you purchased a new car.

    Looks like they have closed the free car charger promotion and now offering $2000 off?

    We purchased December but received the car end of January, when we asked about the free car charger they said no because we had the cheaper price.

    • how much is the charger?

      • +1

        BYD comes with a domestic socket charger I understand. Takes something like 28 hours to fully charge the car. (but quite a few people just use this, as you rarely return home with a flat EV, and need it fully charged the next day).

        I think the free deal was for a wallbox brand wall charger. They are around about the $2000 mark for the Pulsar Plus (+ install).

        The wall mounted charger (EVSE) will charge the car overnight.

        Best value wall charger at the moment is the Tesla Gen 3. $800 (+install). Both single and 3-phase compatible, and it works with any type 2 car.

  • How much is ORC?

    • $950 for us when we got our Atto.

  • +1

    Why buy a BYD when Tesla is not much more expensive… if you can afford a BYD, then you can afford a Tesla. Isn’t Tesla much better?? Anyway. I can’t afford either.

    • +1

      If you want a smaller car with a tighter turning circle.

      If you don't like Musk.

      You want a longer warranty.

      You want vehicle to load ability.

      An inventory White Model 3 is just shy of $57k and a white inventory model Y is just over $62k after rebate. So for the buyer who wants an SUV. you are looking at + $13,000, which is quite a lot of coin. Add to that if you want a color the Tesla in a color other than white, or you want a domestic socket charge cord with the BYD included unlike the Tesla.

      I still think the inventory white Model 3 Standard range is the best deal in the new car marketplace at the moment. But there is space for the Atto3 in the market too.

      • +2

        We test drove both Atto3 and Model Y. We actually perfer the comfort and drove of atto3 over model Y. Atto3 drives more like a traditional car. Tesla's regen brake is to invasion and the rear seats are a joke. I ended up with low back pain after test drove Model Y: lumbar bolster is to protrusion and hard.

        • +1

          The acceleration is not even close. The BYD is sluggish in comparison. And while personal choice, I can’t stand the design of the Atto, it looks like a kids playground at Sea-Life (not even mentioning the Build Your Dreams plaque), while Tesla is very classy minimalist. Range on the BYD is also subpar, got stranded in one because the range is about 30% less than the dash indicated.

        • +1

          You can easily change the regen braking and make it more like a traditional car. But one pedal driving is so much better once you get used to it. Range is not that great on BYD and estimate is not that accurate, so as per current charging infrastructure it not ready for long trips. But again it's almost 10k+ less expensive so it's definitely a good option. Competition is great.

        • Did you know you can electronically change lumbar positioning in two axis in Teslas?

    • +3

      Surprisingly BYD build quality is much better than Tesla's.
      Tesla has better software.

        • +3

          I am not saying BYD is better or worse than Tesla. I am saying BYD build quality is better than Tesla as I have test driven BYD and have driven friends Tesla many times. It feels like a premium car, unlike Tesla.
          The best thing about Tesla is its software and its charging network.

          • -1

            @penguinez: What year, model and manufacturing country are your friends Tesla’s with not as good build quality?

        • +2

          So you're saying Japanese cars are of poorer quality than American cars because they're not western?

        • Shame on you racist fool.

  • The parents bought one and love it.

    The fit and finish is… definitely not to my personal taste, lol… very modern star trek.

    • -2

      More like a Sea-Life playground.

  • -1

    I've driven both Tesla and the BYD.

    If you can get a used Tesla or even an existing inventory one, it's a far better car.

    The BYD feels like an AliExpress/Xiaomi phone compared to an iphone - the software experience is rubbish. If you look at the owners Facebook forums the new updates are releasing all sorts of bugs, took a year for Android auto to arrive, but then the taillights stop working.

    Most reviewers overlook these things because they're typical car reviewers and don't know jack about UX.

    It's also FWD, handles like rubbish with the cheap tyres and you've also got to buy a service plan to keep the warranty. Just so they can check the bolts underneath.

    The lane assist/cruise control will also send you straight into the car in front of you.

    The best thing about the car is the battery tech and range which is why it sells well. Most people buying them are boomers who know nothing about tech.

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