AIA Vitality Points Ideas

I am currently 2865 points away to reach platinum. Have reached the physical activity goal of 15000 points, all general health check has been done including flu vaccination. Any other ideas to earn more AIA vitality points? Thanks.


  • Hi. I am at31,000 points. The sleep tracking give 10 points a day and for me what helped get over the 30,000 mark was the meditations with the Buddhify app , you can get 25 points per session if they are 10minutes or longer and i think there is a max of 75 points a week for this but i might be wrong. I am pretty much stuck now at 31,000 points and my year will finish in June. Not too sure what happens then if everything rools back to zero ?

  • Groov - 4 times a week for 75 points. Maximum 2000 points per year.

    Meditation timer & log - 3 times a week for 75 points. Maximum 2000 points per year.

    I am at 34500 points. Seeing my GP tomorrow to sign the AIA form for covid jab.

    Went to Smile dental for free dental check for 1000 points but they did ask me to get the X ray done which was $35 each. So at some stage, you have to spend money to reach to 35000 points.

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      Which meditation app do you use? I can't seem to find a free app.

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        Meditation timer & log

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        just confirming "Meditation timer & log" worked, despite not being listed in what vitality says are suitable, this app synced to google fit did the job and points showed up 24 hours later.

  • When you get a vaccination - shingles, flu etc - they don’t actually validate it, after submitting you get points within the hour.

    If they do hit you up on it claim it was an accident and you were trying to submit it for another one (eg covid)

  • Just considering this for the year ahead, getting 30K has been no issue but I want to hit 35K for that extra voucher ($125?) this year, I think the possible points are:

    fitness 15000
    health check 10000
    age self assessment 750 x 4
    nonsmoker 1000
    self skin check 500
    flu vaccine 1000
    covid vaccine 1000
    sleep tracking 2000
    medidation 2000
    groov 2000
    Diet consult 1000
    Diet followups 1500
    Dentist 1000

    Total 41000

    The last 3 might not be free but could be useful. And I haven't got a meditation app yet, again what free one actually will accumulate points without having to make premium purchases - these things are always a bit obscure.

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      From AIA Vitality App.
      Earn points for sleep, meditation and looking after your mental health.

      Earn up to 2,000 points in each category below or a maximum of 5,000 points combined per membership year.

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        Damn you're right, the app says "Mentemia" but means the groov app, and indeed suggests you can only get 5000 not 6000 from doing the sleep tracking+grov+meditation combo. Thanks for the pointer.

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    Anyone else find the IOS app terrible in terms of it not always updating? e.g. you did a workout yesterday (tracked on your apple or garmin watch) - and doesn't show in the app until 2-3 days later?

  • Also Apple Watch doesn't record the sleep. Any other way I can track my sleep with other app.

    • I am sleep tracking with my Ultra no problem? Recommend downloading "Autosleep" - just shows your sleep data better.

    • sleep tracking works with my ultra and my partners series 8.

      It did take like a week to start showing up though

  • Any Android users know any apps that can track sleep?

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      I have a Fitbit, the Fitbit app tracks sleep.

  • My AIA Vitality new membership year just started last week, but I can see the 1000 points for eye check still there. I did my eye check in January this year. So my question is will the eye check points expire and disappear in January 2024? Anyone knows please?

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