This was posted 4 months 5 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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[Auckland] Free Tickets to Preview Screening of The Flash (Event Cinemas Manukau, June 7, 630pm) @ We Ticket It (180 Avail.)


Book your seat to the movie event of the year! Thanks to Warner Bros Pictures, we have 180 tickets for Westfield Plus members book an exclusive screening preview of The Flash on Wednesday 7 June.

6pm doors open for 6.30pm start.
Limit 2 x tickets each (180 tickets avail)

NB Also available in Newmarket (6th June) but more tickets to be released.

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  • -1

    Westfield app Albany still has few tickets available

    • how do i get to albany booking?

      • If you go through your Westfield app it will be in there

        • Although I just had a look and I think they may be gone too?

      • Change your centre location on the app, then it will appear.

    • OOS I think, I just tried

  • +1

    Boy, they are so desperate

    • +1

      After the whole blunder of keeping that weird as kid as the Flash, the movie company must be desperate to get audiences, really. I wouldn't go even for free to watch that clown Ezra Miller, but hey… Free movie.

  • +1

    When i went to another of these screenings there was a free drink ice cream and pop corn at the door. So overall was a good night out for free.

    • Did they check your ID to match the name on the ticket?

      • No but there was a list at the door

        • Do they pre-allocate seats or it is first come first serve seat.

  • -1

    does it say anywhere where more tickets will be becoming available?

    • i dont think so

    • Yeah it does say that they will be adding more tickets, so keep checking that space

      • oh my bad i read it wrong i thought they were saying do we know when more tickets will go live

  • Can anyone post the direct links for the other locations? e.g.… is for Manukau, but what about for Newmarket?

  • Tickets became available in Manukau one just now

    • Newmarket working on mobile.

      • Nothing I can see on mobile

    • -1

      Confirmed i got a booking

      • Is manukau still available?

        • Nope and newmarket is also not avaliable

  • Looks like more tickets released at 12 (well at least for Newmarket Auckland it did)

    • And they're gone.

  • It says more tickets at 9am daily now.

      • I just checked for Newmarket it says more at 9am daily

        • lets hope more comes through :)

  • They are back for Newmarket…

    • They didn't even last for a minute 🤦🏻‍♂️

      • +3

        gone in a flash

  • Hi, I'm new to cheapies.

    Just wanted to check how are people able to select event and tickets as I see an empty dropdown?
    I did create an account with all the details but still couldn't book any tickets.

    • You should check back at 9am and it should be available but only for a very short time. Good luck :)

      • Yeah tickets seem to sell out almost instantly

        • -1

          This is legit happening to Newmarket whereas Albany and Manukau are available for more than minutes

          • @Jwilliams: I dont think thats true i got my tickets for manukau but the tickets still sold out in a couple minutes albany i agree with though those dont sell out as quick

            • @pinchofmemes: I was saying the same thing because my main preference was Newmarket as it's closer to me, but when I hit reserve it gives me an error saying need to select less than two tickets which happened yesterday and today.

  • No tickets came up at 9am this morning, messaged their facebook page and they just ignored it 🤷🏻‍♂️

    • tickets are probably sold out check again tommorow maybe it was just an error or something

      • +2

        all three locations didn't open

        • Damn tickets must be all sold out then weird they havent updated the website though

  • Once tickets are all claimed, we'll open up a limited waiting list for cancellations before showing it as 'Fully booked'.

    Thats it folks

    • Yeah it now says on the manukau and newmarket page that its fully booked

  • Albany is showing as "last few" so grab those last tickets

    • Which cinema? Did you tell them it was promoted on the Westfield app?

      • My girlfriend and other randoms got turned away due to poor management with the cinema, I hope the other people realize it is actually on. Girlfriend has gone back since and they have confirmed it's on

    • +1

      Still listed on Westfield Manukau's Site and their Facebook. Seems employees are misinformed. Isn't the screening tomorrow though?

      EDIT: Westfield Newmarket as well.

      • Thank you! The Newmarket one is on today

        • @botlord Were you supplied to anything else when you got to the movies? Like Free Popcons and Drinks or anything else?

          • +1

            @Matrixx: Yes, free mini popcorn and drink.

            • @hello1111: How did the seats work like how did you get to choose your seat and was it shown in vmax or just standard?

              • @pinch: i guess based on the location and whats being offered. Yes i was at Manukau, got recliners and beds, plus VMAX with ofcus free popcorn, drink and ice creams. Seats are just simply walk in and sit anywhere, its not chosen, more like first in, first serve.

            • @hello1111: Oh and did you have to show them an id?

              • @pinch: No need ID. Just bring the booking pdf with the name on it.
                Cannot choose seat, first come first serve.

      • seems like yeah more tickets are available to grab for the Manukau

  • Im at the screening in manukau and i got a recliner seat a free ice cream drink and popcorn

    • +1

      How nice! We didn’t get anything at Albany but was pretty happy with the free movie

      • Yeah i thought the movie was pretty solid hbu

      • Yeah we didn't get free food from Albany but got to sit in those free recliners

  • +1

    Really enjoyed the event last night at Manukau, any idea on how we can register or become a member to get notified more on the future events/screenings?

    How often do these happen?

    • That’s the second or third one I’ve seen. Maybe every 6-8 months?
      No way to get an alert as far as I am aware, it just pops up on the Westfield app.

      But if you sign up to SFF you get emails about their deals. They had one a few weeks back for a free comedy show (I forget the name of the guy but he was well known)..

      • What other movies did you get to see before?

        • +1

          I think it was called miss Harris goes to Paris? It was ok. Each time I’ve been it’s been free ice cream/popcorn and a drink (usually go Newmarket)… so can’t complain!

      • Ross something i went. It was ok. Hit and a miss. But cant beat free

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