Anyone Did Any Returns to Amazon AU?


Has anyone done a return to Amazon AU? How was the experience?

I am provided with return packing slip and Invoice to give to DHL by Amazon. They said I have to pay for the postage (from Auckland) to their warehouse in AU. Normal quote I got is $112 for a keyboard(defective) worth $130, which is ridiculous. I haven't been to DHL as it's far so once I know everything will go there. The email with return packing slip says, they will pay for postage upto $16 and not what the actual cost would be. So I don't want to pay something high and not get it back. I did call them again and they said they will pay the postage once I provide the receipt, but don't want to get burned if they don't.

Any Thoughts?

Return Details

  • Please remove or cover any previous tracking labels or hazardous materials markings on your box.
    • Print the Return Authorization Slip and place it inside your package. Print the commercial invoice (2 copies) and the return shipping label (2 copies) to hand them to the DHL Express agent when you drop off the package.
    • Take this package to a DHL Express location and pay for postage (We'll refund up to $16.00 in return postage costs once we receive the item)
    • To find your closest DHL location, go to the DHL Drop-off Locator or visit
    • To ensure safe transportation, the battery must be returned inside the product.


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    Crazy how much DHL is charging for this!! I've returned with Amazon before they will refund the cost of the shipping, make sure you keep the receipt and other paperwork from DHL, you will just need to reach out to their CS team.

    For certain items, we require you to pay to return your item using DHL. If you return a defective, damaged, or incorrect item, Amazon will automatically refund $16 AUD for return postage costs on receipt of the item. If your return shipping cost exceeds the value of the automatic refund issued by Amazon, you can contact us to request a refund of the remaining shipping cost and provide evidence to us to substantiate the reasonable costs incurred for which you will be reimbursed. If your item was not a fault of Amazon’s you will only receive the refund for your item.

    • Good to know. Did you pay more than $16 for the postage If you don't mind? and you got it back easily if you paid higher?

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    I have no experience of this, but based on the above, if they say they will reimburse:

    the reasonable costs incurred

    I would be inclined to check with them that they will regard $112 freight costs as being 'reasonable' before going ahead.

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    I have only returned 1 order to Amazon UK(3 wrongly labeled SSDs) and they provided a label for DHL and let me book pickup online etc at no cost to me but that fit in a smaller satchel.

    Maybe deal with their online chat and get confirmation again that they will cover the cost so you have it in writing(you can request a chat transcript to be sent to your email).It is crazy they do this kind of thing, maybe they get a huge DHL rebate or they don't care that shipping costs the same as the item.. Often in the US they just tell you to keep the defective goods rather than return them.

    • Previously they did refund me for a $50 headphone not working and didn't tell me to return it. Maybe certain items or cost of it would be deemed as loss.

  • I did a return recently for an $80 controller, paid $43 to ship it back to them with NZPost and they refunded the total cost eventually. DHL wanted $100+

    • Ahh That's good to know. I can talk to CS and check with them again

    • Can confirm I can send it via NZPost. Online tool tells me, the cost is around $55 which they will reimburse once item is received.

  • I’ve done 2 returns.

    One was a replacement remote control for a receiver, cost around $20. Arrived damaged, probably jumped on by the courier company lol. They asked me to return at my cost and be reimbursed. I used the live chat and argued that returning the item at the cost of $16 seemed stupid given the value of the item. They ended up giving up and saying to not bother retuning the item as they agree.

    The other was a few hundred dollar computer part that was faulty after a few months. Same deal of them telling me to arrange courier and contact them after for “reasonable costs.” Was going to cost too much for me to comfortable doing, again used their live chat and was able to convince them to arrange a courier label for me so I didn’t need to pay or do anything except book a pickup

    • I tried to argue that with 2 agents and asked for a prepaid return label, but they were adamant on asking for refund later on.

      Once the item is returned share the receipt with us then we will process the full shipping fee refund. You just have to keep the receipt safe. Once the item is returned share the receipt with us then we will process the refund for the item and the shipping charge.

      We recommend that you use a trackable delivery service. Please retain any tracking information given to you by the carrier. When the returned item(s) are received by us, please send us the receipt of the return shipping charges along with tracking ID and carrier name after returning the item at the carrier and we will help you with the refund of excess charges too.

  • I'm having an issue trying to do a return now, my partner drove out to DHL at the airport with the printed documentation and they said it's the wrong label, and Amazon has done this before and we need to get in contact with them to get a new label. The only other return I've done has been with US Amazon and DHL picked that order up from my house. It was also quoted at $78.

  • Just this week got the meross smart plug 4 pack. I followed the instructions to set it up but ended up wasting more than hour settling up 1 plug. Finally would sync to homekit but then would not sync to the meross app. Turned off 5ghz (i keep both frequencies on) and it still did not make a difference. Tried resetting it like million times.

    Finally gave up and requested a return on the item. Got courier label to print with rma paperwork etc.

    booked on dhl website and courier picked up next day.
    As per the tracking details its now in their warehouse. Waiting for refund on my amex.

  • I returned some logitech speakers a couple months ago (defective). Fortunately they gave me a prepaid packaging label and didn't ask for me to pay for shipping.

    Once they received it though, they did email me saying that the item wasn't delivered back in it's original condition, and that they would only accept returns in their original packaging (which I thought it actually was). As an exception they processed the refund of the order. But the thing is the speakers were defective in the first place…so yeah seems like it's case by case and different for everyone

    • how long did that take? I returned an item & it was delivered 2 weeks ago, I haven't heard anything since

      • Can't quite remember, but pretty sure it wasn't longer than 2 weeks. Should probably follow up with them

        • I followed up with them after the first week, they said "1 more week" i followed up with them yesterday and was also told "1 more week .." I said i was told that a week ago, she/he then checked and processed the refund for me :)

          • @wellydeal: That's good to hear then. Seems to be a bit hit and miss with Amazon sometimes

  • Just sent it today via NZPOST for $46. Let's see how it goes. Will update once I hear back once it is delivered.

  • Update 1: Contacted support for getting the return postage credit. After providing the receipt they refunded back the full shipping amount. Surprising in AUD rather then NZD which I paid.

    Update 2: Even though the item was delivered last week, they haven't processed the return yet. As the cancel window was only 2 days away, so contacted them again today and they processed the refund. Again they paid back in AUD instead of NZD :).

    Overall happy with the process, just wished they had provided return shipping label which would have been easier.

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