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Amazon Echo Dot 3rd Gen $19 @ Noel Leeming, Manukau (in-Store Only)


As part of their Price Smash deal. In-store only ends today.

Online price is currently $69.

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Noel Leeming
Noel Leeming

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  • Sharp price.

    All stores or just the store you went to?

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      Most likely all stores I was told but could not confirm. Picture was taken from their Manukau store. Still heaps left if anyone’s keen. They’re to your left when you enter.

      Edit: seems at Manukau only as others have pointed out

  • Tried to price match online, but they wouldn't. Looks like only instore deal at Manukau Store.
    "No unfortunately it is just the Manukau Store that is having this instore deal."

  • now that there is chatgpt is this is even useful?

    • I have no idea how to setup a cheap machine that can answer a question I give it or play music I would like to hear. Easier to buy this for $20.

      I'm guessing you would need a Raspberry Pi or something similar?

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      How is ChatGPT relevant here? Amazon Echo isn't just for getting answers from the web, it does automations and routines and many other things. Not to mention that you can't (not natively anyway) use ChatGPT with voice. Completely different products.

      If you're just wanting a weather update, especially via a routine, ChatGPT isn't the tool for that. If you're wanting to call someone handsfree, you can do it from Echo but you can't do this with ChatGPT. If you're wanting to do a bunch of IFTTT integrations or to turn on your smart light bulb or run your smart robot vacuum cleaner etc, you can't do that with ChatGPT. If you want to let Echo check your calendar and remind you of events or todos or just general reminders, you can't do that with ChatGPT. List goes on.

      Plus, it's $20 man. That's like throwaway money.

      • thanks, some food for thoughts. i just buy too many electronics that i never use, still in box

        been meaning to read IFTTT but never got around to it. sounds useful

  • It’s Manukau only. They’re having a one day sale so probably more deals. Received an email from them below

    You, your friends and whanau, are invited to join us for a one day and in-store only Price Smash.

    Get set for huge savings on cooking, laundry, dishwashers, refrigeration, microwaves, smart phones, headphones, smart home, and home appliances, plus some awesome finance options to help manage your cash 📱💻🎮

    The deals kick off from 9am and are valid through to 8pm on Thursday, 25 May 2023 - ONLY at our Manukau Store location.

    We are happy to help you with any tech questions you may have, some items have limited availability, so get in quick - we'll see you there!

    Your Manukau Team

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    Last week, when NL offered the 4th gen for $29, it was only available in one store (Auckland)

    Harvey normal Wellington had no issues price matching it for me based on this.

  • General 20% of smart home stuff like smart lights, modems, cameras. 25% off microwaves, 25% off fridges. 40% off NutriBullet liquidators.

    Nothing majorly cheap, but reasonable discount if you were already planning to buy.

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    Cool - I picked up a couple as they seem like a good Secret Santa option that meets the 'less than $20' criteria.

    • it's May….

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        Always planning ahead!

        I try (don't always succeed) to purchase all Christmas / birthday gifts in sales etc through the year to keep costs down. Even if you impute a 10% interest cost pa (everything you spend is borrowed - even if you just borrowed it from your own savings), and purchase all the gifts on Boxing Day for the following year, it only takes a 10% discount to break even (bit simplistic, but you know what I mean).

        You have to be able to come up with the case ahead of time, and store stuff too, but that is not an issue for us happily.

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    Thats pretty cheap for a 24/7 spy in your house

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