Tips for Alcohol for Wedding

Hi everyone,

We are planning well ahead for our wedding in late 2024 (next year). We have plenty of storage and are DIYing our wedding.
So, I was wondering whether anyone had any advice around purchasing bulk alcohol for a good price.
I hear there is a Pak'n'save wine week which is good to wait for but any other ideas?

Also happy to hear if anyone has any ideas on hiring chefs/cooks to cook for the wedding as we will be having the wedding with a fantastic kitchen so prefer not to just get catering or food trucks (the latter being quite expensive). In terms of cuisine, we are thinking pastas/curries vibe


  • Would you consider brewing your own beer? Could be a cost effective solution, depending on the quantity of beer you were planning on buying. You could pick up a complete brewing kit on TradeMe or assemble your own. You'd get to learn a new hobby and still have a brew kit once the beer is all done, which you could either sell and recoup costs, or keep at the hobby.

    • Agreed. Can recommend the WilliamsWarn brew set. Takes approx a week to brew 10, 23, or up to 50L (depending on what size you get). Then you can transfer into corny kegs to store, ready for the big day. Great tasting beer with no real experience necessary (I've never thrown out a batch).

      • Depending where you are, we could work out a deal ;)
  • Making spirits is a lot of fun and it's very high quality. Check out reflux stils. Home brew beer has that strong yeast flavour unless you spend $1000s on a professional set up that filters out the yeast and carbonates the beer before bottling. A complete spirits set up can be done for well under $1000, pays for itself very quickly.

  • When I did mine, we purchased the lot from Gilmours as the venue allows BYO and allocate 1 White, 1 Red wine per table. Granted it was a lunch reception so there is not much alcohol gobbling so you may need to increase the quantity depending on your requirements

  • Also just be wary that if you decide to buy beer and stock pile it; give some thought to the date of it as from memory (of working in a bottle store many years back) it has a finite shelf life

  • I will not make my own spirit because you never know with them i think just stock piling boxes of beers when they are on special

    • +1

      Making your own spirits is 100% safe. If it wasn't it wouldn't be legal and there wouldn't be all the shops selling the equipment legally. Sorry to disagree but you always know it's safe. "Moonshine can make you go blind" is just an old wives tale

  • Become friends with someone that works at Pernod Ricard Winemakers and get a sign up for

  • When countdown ran the buy 6 bottles of wine and save 20% I bought the wine for my wedding.

    I also bought the beers and soft drinks from them at the same time.

    Advantages to me were:

    Ordered online
    Was able to have this stored in their branch warehouse until day of wedding (confirmed with store manager, and they were fine for it to be there for several months).
    Was able to have this ordered to south island whilst i was in the north island so didnt have to worry about transporting
    Able to get a full refund on what i had bought and not used post wedding.

  • It's not alcoholic but consider stocking up on these $0.99 Bundaberg Ginger Beers for your wedding maybe?

    • Interesting factoid. Ginger beer can be .05% alcohol and it doesn't have to be on the label and can be and is sold to minors. Same with vanilla essence though it can be up to 40% alcohol and sold to minors

  • I used to work for a wine company that did stockroom sales once or twice a year. They arent around anymore, but id suggest create a wedding related email and sign up to a few of the online liquor sellers around. Blackmarket, finewine, vineonline, whiskey and more etc….
    Good deals come up regularly on those and youll be covered for wine and spirits. Also sign up to local vineyards facebook pages and they may do storeroom sale events too.

  • Where abouts in the country are you? For beer, kegs are likely to be easiest and you'll avoid a lot of cans/bottles to deal with. Otherwise there are options like the Occassional Brewer (in Wellington) where you can make 40ltr of beer yourself using their recipes. The brewing kits you use are exactly what the craft brewers use for their test runs/product dev.

  • Gone are the days when you'd borrow a mates Ford transit and get a discount 1 day return ferry ticket across the channel to do a booze run to the cheap wine/beer warehouses in Calais. Oh wait, wrong country.

  • If your in Auckland try All about auctions they always have bulk cheap alcohol.

  • Especially on wine (if you are not regular drinkers), look into the return policy. Some vendors will refund unopened bottles after your event. Potentially worth quite a bit, as it is hard to estimate the needs for your event.

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