Deposit Australia Cash into Wise?

Anyone know if you can deposit Australian cash (notes) into Wise?

Like, is there a NZ bank or something that'll accept AUD cash and deposit it into my Wise AUD account? (Wise gives the AU bank account number and BSB code)

I realise I could convert AUD into NZD and then do it. But I'd really like to avoid any extra exchange / transfer fees.

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  • You would probably need to have an AUD bank account to make the transfer, although there's usually a large minimum deposit.
    I've just checked the available methods in the app and it's either from your own bank account, or through a debit/credit card.

  • You can definitely open an AUD bank account with an NZ bank (BNZ for sure, probably most of the business focused banks).

    I've never tried paying in AUD cash myself, but I can't see why they wouldn't take it, although I could imagine perhaps notes only.

    • Hmm yeah, thanks. Maybe I should give BNZ a call, see what they say.

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