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36% Discount on Road User Charges (RUC's, Trucks & Diesel cars) & $0.25/L + GST Petrol Tax Reduction @ NZ Transport Agency


The 36% discount on RUC's & 25c/L+GST discount will end at the end of June. Bit over a month left. Best to avoid the last few days to buy as it may get busy.

The government put it in place in response to a spike in oil prices that occurred as a result of invasion of Ukraine, been running for over a year now.

A government minister has stated that they do not intend to extend it again.…


RUC kilometres are generally payable by road going trucks (3500kg+ GVM) & Diesel light vehicles (also captures some smaller use cases such as hydrogen cars. EV's are temporally exempt). For petrol car owners, your tax is included when you buy petrol.

Do not buy "Excessive, or unreasonable" amounts of RUC's:

You should only buy enough RUC for the distance you intend to travel during the discount period.

If Waka Kotahi finds that your RUC purchases at the discounted rate were excessive, unreasonable or an abuse of the temporary rate reduction, we can charge you the non-discounted rates for your RUC.

If this happens, we’ll ask you to buy an overlap licence or send you an invoice for your RUC at the normal rate. You'll have to pay the difference between the discounted rate and the normal RUC rates."

But if your RUC's are overdue, or close to due, it would be a good opportunity to buy some.


While there are no limits on how much you can buy, please store anything you buy safely in an appropriate container. Also note:

  • 25c is small fry in the scheme of petrol priced movements, prices have recently been trending down.
  • Petrol has a shelf life of 6 - 12 months.
  • It burns really good and there are rules around storing large quantities.

Might be a good opportunity to fill the car or boat before the price hike (and if you have non-mixed fuel in tote tanks, to cycle what is left through the car, then to refill them.)

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  • +4

    Top up your share tank before the end of June!

    • Has somebody dug through the Terms and conditions on this?

      Seems to good to be true that Z will wear the impact of government tax changes. (I imagine fuel tax payments are based on actual fuel leaving custom controlled area's, not prepaid sales that are yet to be delivered?)

      • +2

        Nope, but you can bet if they suddenly reduce saved balances by (~$0.30/~$2)*(balance purchased during discount period), — what else could they do — they'll get a right PR nightmare on their hands.

        I suspect they'll just continue making huge profits and wear the cost.

        I might or might not have heard a possibly true story from someone in the know that may be relevant: at one point early in the Sharetank programme, a pricing glitch at one of the stations meant that a bunch of people bought a bunch of fuel for not very much money at all. The story goes that when told, an exec heard about it and simply shrugged, saying "at least that's a bunch of fuel that they didn't buy from a competitor".

        My guess: buy up now while you can, there can be no penalty.

    • I've got 200L in the past month, just trying to average out my prices well. See what else comes up next month.

  • The fuel discount (for all us non-businesses) is actually closer to 29cpl, because like all good excise taxes they add GST on top 🧐

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