Recommandation for Heatpump + Installation?

location Auckland + small 2bed unit. probably need 2.5kw
if you know anyone good or anybrand please let me know


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    Hi There, I brought the Midea Aurora as a cheap unit for the man cave. I was very surprised by the performance and features.$750 for unit and $600 for back to back installation of 2.5w unit seemed reasonable to me.

    • i got 3 of them and will be installed in 3 of my bed rooms i got infinity or xtream save for 670 nzd + 700 cash installation with dedicated switchboard circuit

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    Really big discussion over here on the consumer reviews forum thread

    Has the reviews of a bunch of heatpumps, as well as discussion about who/what/how etc.

    Should be a good starting point

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      Very happy with my Mitsubishi Heat pump. Got it installed via Reliance Ventilation(Auckland based), got good price and very happy with the install as well.

      Get few quotes and see which is the best you get. I would suggest to stick with a good brand rather then the cheapest if you are going to use it daily and want it to last.

      Don't go with Haier. Had bad experience and won't recommend it.

      • We've had a few Haier Flexis split systems installed by Air Mc Ltd in Auckland. Found them to be cheaper and much easier to use than the Panasonics we have also used. One Haier (out of 5) needed regassing after just a few months due to a leak which was repaired free of charge with no hassle. Aside from that they've been problem free and I'd buy them again in a heartbeat.

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          We got 2 heat pumps with the new house we bought 3 years back. Both had problems. Main unit died for 1 in less than 2 years. 2nd one indoor unit had issues and got replaced after 2.5yrs. Same unit had thermostat issues in outdoor unit so they replaced the board. So going at the failure rate I don't expect this to survive more than 5-6 years.

          Everything was replaced/serviced at no cost by haier directly as installer said they can't do anything and have to contact manufacturers. But the replacement outdoor unit took 4 weeks to arrive which was during Christmas time when it was hot. The board replacement took around 3 weeks so the inconvenience of not having a heat pump is too much compared to the amount of money you save.

  • Happy Air and Affordable Energy Solutions quoted the cheapest for me in central auckland. Reliance rep was obnoxious when I told him someone else beat their quote. Others were way overpriced. Most Mitsubishi installers seem to push for AP25 which has a decent consumer rating for the price.

  • I had a bad experience with Oxygen Air. They were happy to take the money but their after sales support was poor. Would not recommend.

    For my latest install I went with HRV East Auckland and was very happy with them. They installed a 2.5 kW Panasonic heatpump in our lounge last year and I got it at a very reasonable price. The quality of the install and after sales support was also top notch.

  • Based on my research and discussion from various installers and technicians. Most think that Mitsubishi Electric heat pumps are very reliable (and some called bullet proof). (this is different from Mitshbuhi heavy industry).

    To be fair most heat pumps these days are reasonably reliable as per consumer review. Well worth the investment as this will save your heating energy cost significantly.

    (the other thing that save you energy cost is to make sure your hot water cylinder is not leaky!)

    • daikin are even better and its acop is over 5.2 for 2 kw models , MHI is rated higher on consumer mag , ME is prefered as parts are easy to get and they dont fail

      • Thanks for that if ME does not fail why do you need parts? Or for general servicing?

        • Parts availability is critical for any electro mechanical things it's like some times a 2 cent part which is critical for functiong is faulty you have a big equipment useless , hard to give a example many parts are proprietary, some are common ie why in engineering they start for standardization more then say medical.

          I think mhi had some issues with parts before not sure how Chinese brands will be as they are relatively new

  • speak to Glen or Kyle - they did our house top job good price and quality workmanship

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