Octopus Energy Fixed Rates Increase 23/06/23

Update from Octopus Energy today regarding an increase to their fixed rates from June.

I switched from PowerShop last year and noticed a good saving using around 210kWh during spring/summer/autumn and 300ish during winter.

Your new OctopusFixed rates will start on 23rd June 2023 and will be fixed for 12 months. These rates reflect changes in the cost of providing energy to you.

Your new rates as a Low user are shown in the table below and are GST inclusive:

Tariff Current rates New rates
Daily Charge $0.00 $0.00
Night kWh $0.16 $0.17
Off-peak kWh $0.24 $0.28
Peak kWh $0.31 $0.34

Because you are a Low User, there is no Daily Charge for you for the next 12 months.

I think I will stick with them especially given there's no daily charge.


  • Checked my address but there's a $0.93 daily charge even as a low user. Are you on any kind of special deal for no daily charge?

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      Yes, sorry it is actually. I just read this in the email:

      No daily charge for Low Users

      All low users on OctopusFixed will only pay for the energy they use. This is an exclusive offer for all existing customers who joined before 31 March 2023.

  • Hi, If i'm on all day meter. Do they have a different deal?

  • Wow, your rates are insanely low compared to mine haha

    (GST inclusive)

    Tariff Current rates New rates
    Daily Charge $0.00 $0.00
    Night kWh $0.21 $0.22
    Off-peak kWh $0.27 $0.33
    Peak kWh $0.41 $0.45
  • didn't the government say that per kwh prices are supposed to go down after they jack up the daily rates by 30 cents a year?


    " But the Government expects households will see their variable power prices drop as their daily fixed charges rise, leaving ‘winners and losers’ but consumers no worse off on aggregate."

  • Mercury is offering $250 credit for 2 years contract, and their rate is not bad for my location, after some calculations, I jumped.

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      Based on last month power bill for me:

      Octopus new rates will be $246/mo

      Mercury will be $297/mo

      Octopus is still somehow $20+ cheaper a month than all the other providers I looked at.

      • It’s going to vary depending on which lines company is servicing your area. Mercury was also cheapest for me bundled with gas.

        Octopus doesn’t do no daily charge for new connections any more, so still worked out more expensive for us

  • With Octopus and our bill for a 2 person household comes to like $40. Love the fact they dont have daily charge

    • It’s great isn’t it! I hope that offer sticks around.

  • Compared to my rates those are great. Not sure what area you are in though? I’m AKL. I tried a quick compare with octopus and my Flick rates are better than Octopus.

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