Whats The Best Way to Spend Airpoints

Hey everyone

I was wondering what are your thoughts on whats the best way I can spend 5k airpoints. I want to go to Bali but the flights are expensive via Air NZ and so rather fly Airasia. How can I utilise the points best if not via flights?


  • Airpoints store sales are not too bad, why not get a flight to somewhere cheaper via airnz to Asia then AirAsia to Bali? How much are the flights to Bali vs AirAsia?

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    I don’t know if there’s really a best way. I like to use mine for Mitre 10 vouchers

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      +1 M10 stacked with price beats and earning airpoints cheapies style

      • Problem is, I dont need anything from M10

  • Smiths City is another good option for vouchers.

  • If your in the market for an iPhone or Apple computer, could use most of the points on that via the airpoints store. Apple stuff is usually 1:1 with Apple's website. (but be careful buying from the airpoints store, some stuff is marked up quite a bit.)

  • I just hang onto mine until I’m ready to fly somewhere since the points don’t expire when linked to my credit card (Platinum M/C).

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    How about your favourite tipple?

    I accumulate points for future flights, use them at Mitre10 (not always hardware store/ garden related) - could be anything from cleaning supplies such as washing powder/ liquid to kitchen related items such as plastic containers. I often activate a price beat where applicable. I have in the past bought items from the Airpoints store but not recently.

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    I use for domestic flights. 5k Points, you can maybe go to a concert in a different city or 50. Leave your own back yard.

  • You can share your points with other people ('Shairpoints'), so if you know someone who DOES fly Air NZ then you could make a deal with them to pay you 80% of the face value or something, so they get a good deal and you get cash.

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    Depends on the expiry date of your airpoints. I had to use some on the domestic flights last year as they were expiring.

    If you can wait, usually there is a black Friday sale and you can get 10% discount on all items on airpoints mall. But personally I would try to use it on the flights to maximise the points.

    One trick is always redeem the airpoints on the destinations that Air New Zealand doesn't fly. For example, I am checking on the flights for next year.

    Tromsø to Copenhagen (exactly same flight)
    One way economy $973 nzd ($275 airpoints + $35.80 nzd)
    One way business $1019 nzd ($550 airpoints + $35.80 nzd)

    Tromsø to Longyearbyen (exactly same flight)
    One way economy $860 nzd ($125 airpoints + $30.10 nzd)
    One way business $1050 nzd ($250 airpoints + $30.10 nzd)

    Here is the link https://www.airnewzealand.co.nz/airline-partner-reward-chart

  • Superpower21 - how do you redeem them with a partner?

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