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Hong Kong Return from Auckland $567.99 Return @ Cathay Pacific


Get ready to say Hello to Hong Kong!

Hong Kong International Airport has sponsored 460 Adult Economy Class round-trip tickets for Cathay members to fly from Auckland to Hong Kong. All taxes and surcharges apply and are at the cost of the traveller.

This offer is exclusive for Cathay members on a first come first serve basis, based on the time of booking confirmation.

So what are you waiting for? Make sure to sign up today, mark your calendar, bookmark this page as tickets will become available at 6:00pm NZST Monday, 29 May.

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    Shouldn't the start date be Mon 29th May at 6pm rather than the expiry?

  • Is this a purchase and if you're lucky you'll win the costs back type of promotion?

    Or a when you sign in the flight may have a seat with a $0 price available?

    • +1

      Sign in and get $0, I gather. Thus the timing when they go on sale.

    • +1

      I think it's $0 (+ airport fees and stuff) when available.

      • I'd estimate the airport fees and sector levies would be $200+ for a return trip to Hong Kong, maybe someone else has more precise info

    • +1

      disagree. Much like Jetstar has $29 sales, this is a $0 sale. Just limited tickets. You're not entering. It's first come first serve until sold out.

      • Yeah I guess it is. =)

    • lol, they get 6020 and we get 460

      • Bigger population I guess, but they get 13 times the tickets, where they're only what, 5 times the pop?

        • +1

          Probably more than x14 outbounds since Cathay only goes to akl?

  • How much is membership and could I book this flight and use it to connect to another country?

  • I wonder how it works if you're hoping to book for two people?

    • +1

      Terms say: "Each eligible customer may purchase ONE (1) individual adult Economy Class round-trip ticket."
      FAQs say: "An adult can only book one (1) Economy Class return tickets from Auckland to Hong Kong. Bookings including a child or infant are not eligible. If you are travelling with others, they will need to book separately."

  • +4

    I just checked a dummy booking:
    Carrier surcharges: NZD384
    Taxes/Fees/Charges for adult: NZD165.49

    So I assume FREE Ticket = NZD549

    • Same vibe as that all you can eat China Air unlimited offering.

    • that doesn't sound good…

    • Either Cheapie members don't like political talk or there are many little pinks here…

      • +3

        It’s written in a very loaded way, especially the last two paragraphs. And I say that as someone from HK and pro democracy. A good point overall, but I suspect that it isn’t really too relevant for 99.9% of cheapies who are just going there for a holiday. Plus most people know about the state of affairs in Hong Kong already, unless they’ve been living under a rock.

    • Look sure the CCP are a bunch of twats but I've gone to HK almost yearly for the past 7 years (I have friends that live there), and as a tourist you have no exposure to what's going on politically. It's a fantastic place to visit, one of my favourite cities in the world. And given their economy benefits massively from tourism you're not doing the locals any favours by trying to scare people away.

  • +1

    "As a member, you will be able to apply for one individual free round-trip ticket for travel between May 29, 2023, and February 28, 2024. The minimum stay period for the offer is two days, and the maximum is one month."

    Looks like xmas holiday dates is up for grabs.

  • +1

    Seems to be a hot mess for the aussies at the moment, their sale started at 2pm NZ time. We'll probably experience something similar later tonight. No reports of anyone successfully booking a ticket yet lol


    • +1

      thanks for sharing. there were some pretty good tips there

  • Is it just me but when I refresh the page, "Campaign hasn't started yet. Stay on this page and refresh it at 6pm when campaign starts."

    • the campaign started late.. 20 ish seconds late haha

      • Funny because i reloaded the page several times and it started at about 6:03pm

        • different clocks on different PCs I guess.. I was using the clock on timeanddate.com

          • @simch: It probably wasn't because my clock was off(i'm always comparing my clock with the time that is found online) but probably because of the traffic the website was receiving…

  • anyone got in?

    • got lucky and was 406 in queue

  • 3875 in queue, looks like its not happening

  • I got in but an error message pops up "An error occurred. Please refresh the current page. (Refresh will not affect your queue status)"

    • same

      • Same here. Have you called it?

        • Was refreshing up until now, it just kicked me out, and now 12,xxx queue lol

          That's it for me, good luck everyone else

  • got a flight but wife missed out.

    • What did u end up paying?

      • $550 however have now cancelled since wife was not happy with me going on my own and would have cost over $3.5k to book flights for her on same dates.

  • What's the code? ;) can try on the normal website

    • AKLHHK23

      • +1

        No luck!!! Thanks though ;)

    • Tried it. Doesnt work lol

  • It's a joke, spam f5 on the dot and 7000 in queue lol

  • +1

    If you get the error code in trying to book where it says "An error occurred. Please refresh the current page. (Refresh will not affect your queue status)", go to the main Cathay page in a new tab, and then use the discount code AKLHHK23 to book as normal. This only works if you got into the queue and 'won' a place

    • I 'won' a place in the queue, and tried this. But when I was on the normal page and entered the code, it didn't work. Oh well

      • ditto, this trick didn't work for me either.. :(

        • Bugger, sorry to hear guys. I got stuck on the refresh screen, but managed to get through by going to the home page.

          • @mybalancedue: I managed to get a couple of tickets for the fam using a different method so all's well in the end

  • I had 19 minutes to go and then suddenly it changed to over an hour.
    I guess I won't be getting a ticket :-(

  • All tickets have been exhausted

  • Terrible system and not enough tickets for a campaign of this size.

  • anyone lucky enough to win a ticket know what the cancellation period is - wife won a ticket and says she read within 24hrs but Cathay says up to flight date.

    • Give the ticket to someone else then :p

    • It's cancel within 24 hours and get a refund otherwise no refund up to flight date

  • you cant !!

  • For anyone lucky enough to get tickets - the tourism board is offering $100 HKD vouchers for visitors.
    You can claim these booking activities through the likes of klook.com, or claim from tourism board centres.


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