Cashrewards AU for NZ Sites?

Hey everyone
Just had a question regarding cashrewards au
How does it work for NZ sites?
I am wanting to avail their new offer for sony i.e 13% cashback but it redirected me to australia website.
Do i on the sony page navigate to NZ website or how do I do that?
Any help would be appreciated

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  • Happy to be proven wrong, but as far as I know, the partners of the Au site will all be the Au branches (if they are not just Au businesses).

    Couple that I have used in NZ are:

    There might be other NZ options as well.

  • It has to be listed as a NZ site, ie Apple NZ is listed(but no active cashback)

    Had no issues claiming Apple NZ cashback in the past

    • Good to know :-)

  • Claimed 10% from Apple and it is working

  • I've clicked through on Sonos and changed store to the NZ store. Cashback still came through.

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