Not Getting A Lot Of My Items From aliexpress

in Feb march and April of this year i bought some 13 item off aliexpress 7 have arrived 7 did not arrive

since 2012 i have bought 100's of items from aliexpress and only had one never turn up

the app i used was on my old phone and it wont turn on anymore and i have no idea what i used to log in to my aliexpress account

according to paypal the oldest order that never turned up is from 15 feb

and 3 orders are from may 30th so 35 days

and 3 others are in between those days

and out of the items that did turn up 2 item came with in like a week and a half

and almost everything i used to order on aliexpress last year and and before pandemic use to come within a month

and my friend also did order like 6 item and only got 1 of his item and then he bought something 3weeks ago and got it yesterday

has anybody ales had problems getting there items from aliexpress? do you think i will ever see my items i bought?


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    Ive had about a 90% success rate with AliExpress, but things are definitely taking longer (and are more expensive) to ship. Over the last 2-3 months, Id say my average would be between 5-6 weeks.
    In my particular case, for the items lost, Ive lodged a case and got a refund, but only after Ali intervened..

    • yeah I had to open a dispute too, and has to be passed expected delivery date and their tracking must show undelivered. Got my refund quickly, but wasted 3-4 months for item to never arrive.

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          There should be a link to your purchase in your emails if you cannot remember

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    No issues here. Shipping times kind of have improved after covid. Now it takes around 2-3 weeks. Once in awhile a free shipping item takes around 4-5 weeks. But so far not a single item have been lost. Bought around 50 items or more in last year or so.

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    I’ve made two orders (Mar 11 and April 3). Both have been shipped but none have arrived yet. It is definitely taking longer than usual…

    • My April order just arrived today. No sign of the March order…

      • i think maybe its long shipping times

        3 item came today

        they where ordered on
        27 Feb
        25 Feb
        23 Feb

        now just waiting for 5 more items
        ordered on
        20 Feb
        19 Feb
        17 Feb
        16 Feb
        16 Feb

        so this is giving me hope now i think they may still come

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    Did you use Aliexpress standard shipping? I noticed that the cheap/free options take months to arrive (with 20% arriving after the dispute resolution deadline). Hopefully with more flights to NZ we'll see faster deliveries.

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    No issues here with maybe 30 orders in the last year. I've had the best luck with 'Aliexpress Standard Shipping' option
    Unless your ordering many items at once, then I just use a cheaper option such as Cainiao as they will most likely consolidate orders anyway

    • Aliexpress Standard Shipping is the best shipping method it gets here within 2 weeks. But sometime i select Aliexpress Standard Shipping but seller ships via singpost which can take up to 4-5 weeks.

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    Not had a loss yet, just the occasional dubious quality.

    Delivery seems to vary wildly, quickest I've had must have been about 5 days and longest about three months

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    ive ordered around 20 items since jan and have had 5 not arrive. whats more, ive noticed that sellers are rejecting my refund requests now too. is inflation putting pressure on the sellers maybe?

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      Keep asking for tracking info and proof that item is delivered. Many times I have seen paying bit extra sometimes less that a $1 give you tracking info as well. This will help when Aliexpress intervenes to see that the item is not delivered and will accept the claim.

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    Yup - I ordered a few things in February (items I'd ordered in the past from same sellers) and they haven't arrived - previously they've arrived within 2 weeks..

    • Makes sure you claim refund before buyer protection runs out. Or message seller for extension of buyer protection.

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    Just had a 4 week long dispute over a counterfeit item, finally refunded this week

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    1 refunded, 4 others I haven't received. The orders where made around march.

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    Guess Im lucky reading this thread:
    16 orders this year (total value $750)
    1 refunded due to poor quality ($9)
    1 partial refund due to 1/3 of it arriving broken ($13/$46)
    1 not arrived (available for refund in 5 days - $17)
    meanwhile the rest have all arrived fine

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    Ordered a baseus USB C TO USB C cable on 8th of January and it arrived today ! Got refuded on the 29th of March. I was surprised when i saw the package today .

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    I have had hit and miss experiences so recently tried Temu. Free delivery within 10 days, if item doesnt arrive within given dates they give you a $5 refund. There may be a minimum spend, last order was $30 but I had 4 items bundled together and arrived within a week.

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      Yes minimum $10 spend for free shipping on Temu. Fast delivery and awesome tracking. But less range than Aliexpress.

    • I'm not sure what the case is with Temu, my first order had to be over $15 to get FS, my second I can't remember(spent $29) and my recent 3rd order had to be over $30 and additional orders still $30+ required.

      Maybe it was promo pricing for the launch here.

      • Yeah, There was a promo for the first month. So my $10 is maybe out of date

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    I have had a few small items not delivered which were ordered 4 months ago and I received refunds for. But they have all been turning up in the post this week :) The issue may be backlogs of shipping container piles from the China covid lockdown during that period
    Have also have had recent purchases turn up in 2 weeks.

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    Put your tracking code in here and see if it shows a "Latest tracking code" that you can use on NZ Post's website.

    Some of my Aliexpress packages went through Czech Republic according to the tracking and for those, all have been stopped at the NZ border for over 2 months now. Something strange is up.

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      I've also got three missing packages with CZ tracking numbers with order dates from Feb 23. NZ Post report they got to NZ but are now 'untrackable, location unknown'. Not very useful.

      • That is really terrible. I'm wary to buy anything on Aliexpress now incase it goes thru CZ again. NZ post are useless, I wouldn't be surprised if all these packages are getting stolen.

        • I am just checking a small order for aluminium flat washers. Delivery method is Cainiao Super Economy Global and according to the Cainiao latest destination courier tracking number for NZ post that works on the NZ post parcel tracker. According to the NZ post tracking it went through CZ and has been in NZ customs since 11 Feb. Looks like things are getting held up/lost at NZ customs for some reason so may be not a Chinese courier issue. There should be no reasons for Aluminium flat washers to be held up at customs :)

          I have just submitted a lost parcel with NZ post so I will see how that goes.

          My most recent AliExpress order arrived in 2 weeks but that was Special Line-YW freight

          • @Sickman: I have another 3 items delivery with Cainiao Super Economy Global and Yanwen Economic Air Mail, all via CZ in NZ customs with dates from March 14th to April 8th. Plastic zip ties and soldering iron tips are a very dodgy customs items

          • @Sickman: There is no justification for just how many packages they must be holding up at customs over this. At least 3 months worth of plane arrivals via CZ. Where on earth are they holding all this stuff?

            Good luck with your lost parcel report!

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              @Adrenaline: I have received my NZ Post report
              ' We have checked our tracking system using the number you provided and were unable to see any information. This indicates that your item has not yet been received in New Zealand or it was sent on untracked service.'

              So, I guess my parcels have not arrived in NZ yet, even though they say they are at NZ Customs.

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          I managed to track the CZ items to NZ but NZ Post couldn't/wouldn't track them from there (but they acknowledged they arrived in NZ). I suspect NZ Customs but they are a black hole of information.
          I recently ordered another item from AliExpress and it successfully arrived after 10 days (non-CZ tracking number).

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    Time to give Temu a try, faster and more reliable delivery

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    I'm still waiting for items ordered in February and March

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    Had my last Aliexpress order refunded due to it not arriving within the ridiculous amount of time plus Aliexpress team pushing this out another 2 weeks. Did the order via Temu and it arrived today (ie 8 days). Packaging is a bit meh, but not too worried for the items I bought.

  • just had one order turn up today after a month and a half

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    I ordered something at the end of Jan and it hasn't arrived yet. Put in a request for refund yesterday

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    I'm waiting for a refund for an order from February that hasn't turned up. I previously ordered the same item from the same seller in November and got it in under 10 days

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    I've had a really bad run with them the last 6-12 months. I had a three-order consolidation where I got a Russian person's consolidated items instead. They wouldn't even give me a full refund - all three sellers disputed the refund.

    Now I only order one item at a time, waiting a week or two between purchases to try and avoid consolidation. Two separate orders early this year have failed to arrive.

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    Early April order arrived today. Still waiting on 1/2 of my March orders (WatchBandss, Digitaliing, Factory Direct Collected Stores - ordered separately).

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    Had an order from November show up today…

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    I have had several items not turn up. Got refund within the refund period. But they all eventually showed up maybe 4-5 months later. It is really annoying both for seller and buyer.

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    Ordered an item on 23rd Apr with free shipping (Ali super economy global). Global express tracking shows nz post tracking number. Current status pending border clearance, Auckland since May 2nd.

    It's just a heatsink, so no idea why it takes so long for the clearance.

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    I purchase a bit from Aliexpress (50+ items last month). Some people put slow/no delivery down to bad luck, but it probably has more to do with the seller and shipping option they choose than luck. Don't just look for the absolute cheapest option - it can be more hassle than it's worth.
    Some general rules I have to avoid scams and slow deliveries:
    1) Check seller details not just their rating. eg a 92% rating with 3800 followers open for 3yrs with thousands of completed orders is less risky than a seller with 100% rating but only 10 followers, open for 1 month, with a few completed orders.
    2) Check item rating and number of orders. A 4.7* rating from 2000 feedbacks with 5000+ completed orders is better than a 5* rating from 1 feedback and 3 completed orders.
    3) Read the item description carefully. Is it clear and free of discrepancies? If multiple options are available is it clear what is included? A clear description can help in the event of a dispute.
    4) Buy through Choice if available, it can save days in processing and dispatch times, lessens the needs of steps 1-3, free delivery.
    5) For shipping I've found DHL the fastest (1 week) but too expensive for small items. I mostly use Aliexpress standard, usually 2-3 weeks. I've used Cainiao standard and Special Line-YW a few times and they have been around 2 weeks. I avoid all economy option including Aliexpress economy as they take months (up to 6 months!). I also avoid ePacket, they seem to get stuck in limbo in NZ for weeks.

    Some other things to watch for (red flags) that aren't common but worth being aware of:
    listings where every single feedback comment has the exact same date or where all photo's & comments look/sound the same or the exact same photo/comment is used on different listings.
    If you open a dispute and the seller promises to resolve the issue but only if you cancel the dispute first, don't do it, you can't reopen it later. If they offer you a refund by direct payment don't accept it, eg through paypal as the payment can be reversed so you won't actually end up with a refund.

    • got 3 items today that where all bought in February this year
      looks like its just super slow shipping

      • What items did you buy?

        • 64gb sd card its real 64gb and a bootleg pokmon gbc game and a toy mario kart 7 mario kart may by tomy

          all cost me like 3cents each + free shipping as they had new user deals and i just made new accounts

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    Bought 3 items recently, 2 got cancelled before shipping. One seems to be on the way.

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