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Hanoi, Vietnam from Auckland $782 Return [May to Sep] on China Southern (via Guangzhou) @ Beat That Flight


Similar deal to Ho Chi Minh City if you would prefer to fly into the capital

Another amazing price to Asia, this time to Vietnam!

Skytrax rates China Southern a 4-star airline

Auckland to Hanoi

Dates: 3 May 23 - 30 Apr 24

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  • Hi Op, is it true that the ticket will be more expensive when I book directly on the China Southern Airlines website?

    • That'll depend on the date, the class of ticket, bags, etc. The only way to accurately know is to check both and book the one that you prefer.

      • I try make a booking on the airline website and end up getting return ticket = 527 usd which is around 853 nzd for most of the date during the sale period. So looks like it will be more expensive booking with you guys. I just worry if I need to reschedule my flight or cancel it then I have the issue so would prefer booking from the airline website otherwise I think the price is awesome here

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          Indeed, that's the tradeoff. Note that you're not booking with us - btf just searches the cheapest flights, it'll be the online travel agency that you click through to afterwards. They're generally cheaper but have tradeoffs, eg if you cancel etc their customer service can sometimes be…not so great. So it's a risk analysis - if you're confident you won't be changing your dates, go for the cheap option :)

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    If you need a Vietnam visa (NZ passports do), be careful not to get caught by a fake visa website (incl https://vietnamvisa.govt.vn/apply-online/ which is not a government website). Official website is https://evisa.xuatnhapcanh.gov.vn/web/guest/home, but apply with plenty of time as despite saying three working days they often take longer (currently stuck in Thailand after only giving it five days before our flight).

    • +1

      Great advice - we found it really difficult to find the official website, and given how basic it looks, was questioning whether that was actually it.

      • Based on my experience:

        The non government websites visa agents should be fine, I've used lots of times before, multiple companies to choose from. The websites are for visa on arrival visa ("VOA"), basically you just give them your flight details and passport details and arrival time and pay a small fee. Then when you land in vietnam at the airport you still need to go to government visa desk and you pay 25usd cash and supply them with your passport / passport photos and they issue the visa from the airport. It can take up to half an hour or something like that. All the company does is put you on the list so you can get the VOA. There is a printed listed of names + passport numbers + arrival times submitted to the VOA desk by the various visa agents.

        The online company that did my VOA in the past doesn't exist anymore, so I can't give any personal recommendations.

        I would imagine E-visa is probably better, but takes longer and might cost more. I've never used the e-visa option before. The nice thing is you wouldn't have to sit in the airport waiting around for them to process the visa, you could just fly through immigration quickly.

        You can also go to the VN embassy in NZ and get a visa too. That's what I did most recently and I now have a multiple entry visa from the embassy in my passport.

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