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Corsair K60 RGB Pro Low Profile Mechanical Gaming Keyboard $89 (Was $163) + Shipping @ PB Tech


I am not a fan of posting PB Daily Steal deals (those who care already subscribe to PB tech newsletter) but this is too good a discount.
This is Low Profile version which uses Cherry MX, not the cheaper Pro which uses Cherry Viola. Also full RGB.

Can read review here…

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  • I've seen a lot of Corsair mechanical keyboards in very good condition selling on TM at like $60 or even $45. The last time I checked this was last year though, not sure about now. I bought like 3x Corsair keyboards (separately) for a good price, got a K95 RGB Platinum for $100, K68 for like $40 and K70 Lux RGB for $50. Buying these new is kinda a waste of money imo.

    And if anyone wants a low-profile keyboard, I would recommend going with the Keychron K3 instead.

    • Whats your thoughts on a fullsize low-profile (has a numpad)

      • I have the Logitech G915 and its low profile keys too, find it much nice to use, easier on the hands as well

        • I have the G915 TKL for my gaming computer. I absolutely love it, picked it up for a second hand bargain.

          But I’m not a fan of its proprietary caps/switches, not really being serviceable at all, and missing the numpad means it’s useless for my productivity work

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        Personally, the only reason I'd go for a low-profile and slim keyboard is for portability. Whenever I go into the office, I usually have lots of things to carry and so my bag is quite heavy. I have a WH-1000XM4, WF-1000XM4, Logitech MX Master 3, laptop, tablet, battery bank, keyboard, custom keyboard (more on this later), 245W GaN charger and multiple USB-C cables and an external SSD, among other things. I can probably remove a few things here and there, but my bag is always heavy. Having a full-sized keyboard would just make it heavier and it won't fit easily in my bag due to the length of the keyboard.

        This is why I go for a 75% and the Keychron K3 ticks all the boxes for me. Super light, low-profile, hot-swappable switches (I've got like 4 different switch sets on it) and is also both bluetooth + wired. Check it out if you're interested -…

        I also have a custom keyboard that I bought from Aliexpress, which basically compliments the Keychron:

        You can map any keys to it, including key combinations (or even mouse combinations). You can also use Autohotkey to extend it even further. I've configured it so that if you press key #1, it will open e.g. Spotify. If Spotify is already open and active, pressing key #1 will minimize it. However, if you press key #1 with another combination, it will do something else different. The same key has multiple uses, depending on the situation and how you code it in Autohotkey. It's basically the poor man's Elgato Stream Deck, although I do have that too lol. The nice thing is that I can separate the Keychron and the custom keyboard and fit them both in my bag easily, not to mention I can easily move the custom keyboard to the left or right side depending on my desk layout, so it's super flexible.

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    Keep in mind that these keys are made for gaming and are super, super sensitive. Just brushing the keys will register as a press. Not good for typing unless you are super accurate.

    • Depends on the switch you use.

      • That's what I'm saying -these are cherry MX Speed low profile. Not only are the MX Speed the most sensitive, quickest to activate of the Cherry switches -these are low profile which further reduces the travel required to activate them.

        You can't rest your fingers with any weight on the keys at all. You will end up typing gibberish.

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          OK so just say switch next time. Sorry to be technical, but keys and switches are 2 different things. You can have different individual switches for different keys. My Keychron K3 use 4 different switches (blue, brown, banana and red) on different areas of the keyboard. The keys are just keycaps, but the switches are what's important here.

  • Bought this keyboard and a wrist rest and I have to say its an absolute steal for the price. Quality is top notch and the switches are very comfortable and fast to type on. Yes they do take a bit of getting used to coming from blue switches which are more tactile and longer travel but these are way quieter and takes less effort to type.

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