Any Better Thermometer Suggestions or Deal?

Any better thermometer suggestions or deal. I am looking for one specially for my little one. Any suggestions please.


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      You can get that on The Market for $147.99
      Use a $20 referral and it comes to $127.99 delivered with MarketClub+

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        Plus 5% off in cart

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          Didn’t even see that!
          Makes it $120.59 with referral.

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    I second this. I’ve had mine since 2018 and it’s great - super fast and easy for the little ones (reading via ear within seconds)

    Was recommended by our daycare who use it constantly so seems so well constructed to last with that much use.

    I paid $110 in 2018 from a shop on TradeMe. Looks like $120+ shipping is the cheapest now so going via bigcheese suggestion on the market might be best if you want easy warranty. Otherwise trademe for an easier checkout

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    I have one of this and works fine for my girls. Used it few times in past 6+ months.

    • How do you know ita accurate? Is there a way to validate readings with these items?

      • I have 2 different electric ones. Other one is which you put in mouth. They both show pretty much the same. So my assumption that they are close and good enough to determine if I have fever or not.

  • Thanks everyone for your suggestions

  • We were in the similar situation to look for a thermometer for our baby. My GP recommended Ear Thermometer as it take the most Accurate reading. We came across Braun Thermoscan 7 and was lucky able to price match to $129.99 at Chemist warehouse.

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