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Burgerrito Buy One Get One Free $9.50 @ Burger King App


Via app buy one get one free, also Crispy chicken supreme bogof

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  • dam i was looking forward to it till i saw it has no meat.
    BUGERRITO IS PLANT BASED, VEGETARIAN AND VEGAN FRIENDLY. Burger meets burrito in this fusion masterpiece - a crispy patty made from beans, corn and Mexican spices, alongside fresh lettuce, sliced onions, and juicy tomato, drizzled in habanero salsa and aioli. There’s only one way to describe it - it’s mexcellent.

    • lol it taste good though, better than meat alternative products

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        but after wat hunter said, i may have to try them lol

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    Yum! We had these yesterday! Quite nice - and very filling!

  • better than Whopper?

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    Pretty sure the plant based stuff like the rebel burger is processed soy with all the additives which are more unhealthy that the real thing?

    • This is completely different. Been based not soy.

      Pretty solid to be honest. Certainly fills you up and tastes like a bean burrito.

      Unusually for BK, it could actually do with more sauce!

  • might be a dumb question, but since this isn't meat, you wouldn't get any protein from the plant based patty right?

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      Foods other than meat well have protein, although I don't know if there's much in this patty.

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    It is heavily processed patty and heavy bean taste. I had tremendous arse musical day after consuming this monstrosity. Beware, eat with care

    • Would be interesting to know what else you eat. Yes, there’s a lot of bean in the patty, but if you’re getting that much flatulence and it was the next day, you might want to look holistically at what you’re eating as it sounds like you’ve got a very slow digestive transit time.

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    The chicken supreme burger is quite weighty for its size, and pretty good value with the 2 for $5 deal.

  • Cheers Op for posting, as had been wanting to try. Purchased a few days ago

    Gotta be honest and say they were rough to eat. As above it's a whole lot of bean taste and rough as to eat and not pleasant.

    I managed to eat both as it was a cheap feed but felt gross and was feeling sick afterwards for about 24 hours. Won't buy again

    • Next time take a friend to share the experience! Good to know, burger king limited promos are always hit or miss, more miss maybe

    • Completely agree… I was initially pleasantly surprised by the bean flavour, wondered where the flavour came from, then saw that it's a bean patty not a meat patty with bean sauce. Extremely dry and cardboardy. Had to drink a litre of water and wait a couple of hours between burgers. Back to the beef for me.

  • chicken supreme burger anyone like this burger

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