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Fiji: Nuku'alofa, Tonga from Auckland $372 Return, Wellington $436 Return, Christchurch $438 Return [Jul-Dec] @ Beat That Flight


I thought it was good last month but now the prices are far, far cheaper!

All flights include a stop - in Nadi, Fiji.

Hotels are also available with 35% off.

Sample dates below. There may well be other cheaper dates, these are just what I've found. Also consider two one way tickets.


Auckland to Nuku'alofa (31 Jul - 12 Dec) from $372 Return
Wellington to Nuku'alofa (31 Jul - 12 Dec) from $436 Return
Christchurch to Nuku'alofa (31 Jul - 12 Dec) from $438 Return

Christchurch to Nuku'alofa

Dates: 31 Jul 23 - 12 Dec 23

Auckland to Nuku'alofa

Dates: 31 Jul 23 - 12 Dec 23

Wellington to Nuku'alofa

Dates: 31 Jul 23 - 12 Dec 23

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  • +4

    I really appreciate you linking in the cheap dates.
    If I get a chance to take a holiday.. It will be because of you!! 😅

    • +3

      Thanks! Appreciate the kind words.

  • Amazing prices. Always enjoy reading through these deals. Thank you.

    • +2

      Thanks so much! I'll keep them coming.

  • Any good deals to Fiji?

    • annoyingly, not as good. These flights are with Fiji AIrways but if you do the same dates to Fiji instead of onwards to Tonga, it costs more. The joys of airline pricing!

      • Yeah this one is quite frustrating aye.

        It's like can I book to Tonga but just get off at Fiji, then catch the return flight half way 🤣

        • That practice is known as skip-lagging. Has a few fish-hooks;

          • You shouldn't check in any bags, as they will be put onto the plane to the ticketed (not intended) destination, then have to be removed (for security) when you don't board the second flight.
          • One way only. Skipping legs of a ticket will invalidate the return flights.
          • Airlines hate it. Some will let it slide, but there are stories of the persons next one way flight with the airline being blocked from online check in, and being threatened with a ban if they do it again.


        • I also looked into skiplagging it but 1) you can't get off/catch a return flight half way - if you miss any leg you forfeit the rest of your trip and 2) I looked at a one way to Tonga (Getting off in Fiji and forfeiting the rest) and a one way from Fiji back, but also costs more :/

  • Darn. Whats the longest lay over can I have in fiji. Possible to have a 5 day lay over? Lol

    • From the Japan/Honolulu deals I posted last week, around 23hours seems to be the best. One night in Fiji at a resort? :)

  • Like others, I also want to chime in and say that I appreciate all of these flight deals. They're awesome, so keep them coming!

    Out of curiosity, are you running some sort of script or automation to look up these data? Are you using a scraper or do you just have a script that checks against your internal flight deals database? If these scripts can be shared publicly, it'd be awesome. I'd love to tinker around and see if I can find deals for specific countries that I'd like to visit, even if they aren't huge discounts.

    • +1

      I'm using a combination of shockingly hacked together python selenium/beautifulsoup scripts that have grown over time. I've considered pushing to github publicly, but the concern is rate limiting of my data sources, unfortunately :/

      Thanks for the comments! If I think of a way to share the scripts where it isn't going to cause an issue, I'll consider opensourcing.

      • Ahh yep, I kinda have something similar (for a different site) with selenium and puppeteer but I'm no programmer lol.

        • Interesting! What site? I've played with playwright for my other job, but not puppeteer yet.

  • I thought about going to tonga but it's so much further in time from wellington cf direct flight to fiji.

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