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Hey All,

I'm keen to get an idea of what is worth buying from Oz rather than NZ. There's been a few posts from other cheapies but might be better to keep it in one forum. A couple of things I've gotten in the past are Quilton toilet paper and 400g Moccona coffee but keen on some more suggestions so I can bulk buy household items every month/quarter (with the free shipping).


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  • Nivea roll on deodorant is at least a dollar cheaper - cheapest PAK'nSAVE price I could find was 3.89, Amazon price is 2.70 (approx 2.89 NZD).

    Watties stuff (sold as Heinz) is often cheaper too.

    • Yeah I have been buying these in bulk they were down to $2.18 at one point.

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      If you're not particularly partial to Nivea, these Rexona ones are on sale at the Warehouse.
      $8.99 for 6 = $1.50 each. I stocked up on a years worth with free shipping through The Market

      • Shame they only have the female fragrance ones at that price. Nuts when they have the cheek to sell at $4.50 each too.

  • Kan Tong sauces are $2.50 AUD each
    Kan Tong Cooking Sauce Sweet Sour Pineapple, 515g
    Kan Tong Cooking Sauce Honey Sesame Garlic, 520g
    Kan Tong Cooking Sauce Honey Soy Garlic, 500 g
    Kan Tong Cooking Sauce Satay Chicken, 505g
    Kan Tong Cooking Sauce Honey Teriyaki Chicken, 510g

    They cost double that at my local Countdown.

  • Not amazon specifically but we bought a meta quest 2 before the price hike at $569. Metas own site is now $709… which is $200 cheaper than any retailer ive seen here

  • Toothpaste, deodorant, some sauces like mayo when on offer.

    Quilton toilet paper was a good deal although my work reception thought it was a delivery for the cleaner when it turned up. I'd selected the option to put it in a box at checkout but it just came in plastic wrap.

    Tick the subscribe and save for more off then cancel the subscription after for some extra savings.

  • I guess it might have been discussed before somewhere but it's hard to search. For me whether I'm logged in or not, Amazon Australia are now showing prices on product pages inclusive of 15% NZ GST rather than 10% Australian GST although it still says on the page it's AU GST. How long has this been happening?

    For clarity I mean on the product page not at checkout where it's always shown NZ GST (well since they started charging). So when looking at… the price shown is AU$134.86 rather than $129 in Australia. It makes it a little confusing when looking at prices at other places like OzBargain, CamelCamelCamel and Google.

    (You can confirm the price is including NZ GST by going to the checkout page. The price won't change if there's free shipping. If you change address to Australian one price will go down to whatever the Australian price is.)

    • Yea i’ve recently noticed mine does that on the app. The website appears to be fine. I assume the NZ GST inclusive price is still displayed AUD?

      • Interesting it's doing it on the website on Firefox desktop for me. Maybe one of those slow roll outs?

        I'm pretty sure it's AUD as price seems consistent with AU price (e.g. on OzBargain) but with NZ GST adjustment so Amazon would be losing out if it's NZD

        • I think it might be random and cookie based. I tried fooling around with user agents and it didn't seem to make any difference and most of the time it showed the NZ price but at least two times I did get the AU price. And it seemed to keep that price even in other items. (I used private mode and multiple browsers while testing.)

          Also I found you can change the displayed currency, manually. On the desktop click the flag/En icon at the top. Not sure how to do it on mobile but this link should let you change it. IIRC this has been mention before, it only changes the displayed price checkout is still AUD. If it's NZD it says NZD.

          • @Nil Einne: I guess it's a very recent change hence the weirdness. They've now updated the text to say it includes NZ GST unless it's from Amazon Global

  • Is there any way to see only products with free delivery to NZ on

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      Search for 'free delivery to New Zealand' on Amazon AU for eligible order above $49.

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    they regularly post deals on Ozbargain. Price compare with grocers if it is worth shopping around.
    Also, ozbargain have some Amazon deals applicable for delivery to NZ.

    • Looks good for groceries.

    • Good link, thank you

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