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Logitech H110 Stereo Headset with Noise-Cancelling Microphone $19.95 + $10 Shipping / $0 CC Levin @ Photo and Framed


I had been searching for a practical headset and found this one for an attractive price.

JB Hi-Fi selling for $25

PB Tech selling for $38

Noel Leeming selling for $60

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  • The one here is Logitech which is a good brand and these are on clearanc hence this price. Or you buy for $60 but stop calling yourself as cheapie :)

  • Some things never change, this in particular hasn't for the past 10 years. Either die a hero or live long enough to see yourself become the villain I guess.

  • Bought the unbranded equivalent from a Chinese importer on TradeMe for $1.99…. it works well. Discovered a wireless headset would be much easier to work with though

    • Definitely better. We get these headphones at work.

      • Seems like those ones use Bluetooth which means they have to use the HSP profile. Output is going to be low fidelity compared to a2dp I think. Which is why most wireless gaming headsets use 2.4 rather than Bluetooth. And also price seems strangely high for what it is.

        • That's what that's called, I know headphones do it and it's very noticeable but I've never known the name of HSP to explain it to someone.

          They probably use A2DP if not on a call and trip in to HSP when a call is received. I've had issues with this on my old Sennheiser pxc headphones that would revert back to A2DP mid teams call and cut off the microphone. Also had an issue where I worked when calls were migrated to a browser based customer ticketing system as calls via that platform just didn't talk to Bluetooth headphones and change to HSP at all.

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