Car Detailing Company Recommendations

Looking for any recommendations for companies in Auckland (east to be specific) that would do car detailing at a reasonable price. Home service would be the cherry on top, but also happy to take it somewhere.

Would be looking at:

  • a basic cut and polish to remove clear coat scratches
  • clay bar on the front and rear bumpers
  • tyre wall polish
  • engine bay detailing and
  • an interior clean

I see MoneyHub did a review on some options:, any one used any of these services before?


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    Can vouch for good experiences with the following detailers:
    VIP Car Care
    Obsessive Car Detailing (OCD)

    My advice, don't cheap out, especially if you want cut + polish (paint correction).

    • Awesome! Thanks for the advice. May I ask what each one cost you (rough estimate is fine if you don't know off the top of your head). And do you have a favourite out of that list? OCD would definitely be the most convenient travel wise.

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    OCD was the most expensive. 1000+ but extremely thorough.
    Luxxio were the cheapest at about 300 but needed to add extra interior detailing.
    VIP + caprice we're both around 400 but needed to add extra interior detailing.

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    Check out shineshopro on instagram. You won’t find anyone doing headlight restoration better in the world than this man! Also car detailing is ocd and super good value. Think I paid $200 for my Porsche

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    Infamous detailing on Facebook

  • Awesome, thank you all very much for the suggestions! Will check out a few places and report back if I end up going with a company.

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