Toolshed power tools

Has anyone had experience of Toolshed brand cordless tools and batteries, i.e. reliability
and compatibility with other brands.
I realise they are not your Dewalts or Makitas but for general DIY use, would they suitable?
A few years ago I decided to use one brand DeWalt, but now I would like to add to my collection and
find Dewalt are getting out of my price range and probably overkill for what I want.
Should I continue with DW or have 2 battery systems? (or 2 brands with compatible battery's if there is such a thing).


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    I cannot specificity answer your question on Toolshed tools as I do not use them.

    Dewalt, Stanley and BlacknDecker tools are owned by the same parent company. BlacknDecker are ok-ish but have a limited range and battery size. Stanley tools improve on this. DeWalt….well I think you know. 😊
    S and BnD are found at M10.

    Ryobi are found at Bunnings. Not quite at the level of DW, Makita or Milw tools but have a major advantage that might suit you. Range and batteries! They have a cordless tool for just about anything (and share the same one plus battery), and is generally good enough for a serious DIY-er in my opinion.

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    I don't think the average DIYer can go past Ryobi. Ridiculously broad range, affordable, and a great warranty. I personally wouldn't touch Toolshed branded tools solely because you're then beholden to Toolshed to both maintain the range and keep their prices reasonable. Ryobi is used the world over and is owned by TTI; they aren't going anywhere.

    • I bought a Ryobi circular saw 3-4 years ago to build a 20 meters fence and paired with a good 5Ah battery the saw felt under powered and motor burnt out in a few days. Took it back to Bunnings they seems to know this all too well and no one even tested it, i paid extra and upgraded to Dewalt, what a difference a pro tool makes.
      I would not touch any DIY tools from Ryobi again and i would rather buy second hand Dewalt tools from trade me.

  • I have been using their XHD power tools for 2+ years now. The batteries are not compatible with any other big brands. The batteries in my opinion are holding up pretty well but I would recommend getting the 5Ah ones instead of the smaller capacities. They have a good range of tools but nothing like the other big brands. In my little experience with Ryobi, I feel Toolshed XHD power tools have more "grant" than the Ryobi tools. It would be cool if someone can send Toolshed power tools to Project Farm for a direct comparison.

    I hope they will continue to expand their range of tools though.

    Link to their range:…

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