Daikin Wi-Fi Module

Anyone using Daikin Wi-Fi modules for the heat pumps and the their app? Is it worth the money? Unit costs about $180.00


  • not Daiken, but i have one on my Panasonic unit and use it more than i thought.
    Lazy factor - not having to find where the child has hidden the remote.
    Scheduling - easier on the app vs remote
    Turning it on remotely - good for hot/cold days when heading home from being out.

  • I have a Daikin with a Wi-Fi module.
    Had it for about 8 years now and it’s great.
    Pretty much the same for all reasons mentioned by icecold above.

    • My module does not integrate with the likes of Alexa / Home Assistant which is a shame but that is because it is too old.
      I assume the current model from Daikin does.

  • One of the handy feature which most of us don't realize but is good to have is Turning it off via app when you(or kid) left it accidentally ON. I have Mitsubishi which came with inbuilt wifi. I have not touched the remote since first week of install last year.

    I have it integrated with Home Assistant and also have zigbee aqara switches to turn each unit ON/OFF. They are set for comfortable temps, so only thing needed to do is either switch on/off. Switch/button is small battery operated stuck on bed frame so easy to use. Also, home assistant notifications at specific times like when kids are at school and AC is on get a reminder.

  • +1

    I upgraded my ducted system with a BRP15B61 to be able integrate it into Home Assistant.
    All the local Daikin shops are a ripoff (asking ~$400 for the module), so I've ordered it from AU, form Peninsula Air Conditioning. Paid ~280NZD shipping included.

  • I built one myself for about $20. Bought an ESP8266, an IR LED, and hooked it up to the IRremoteESP8266 library by crankyoldgit.

    A great little project that works well and integrates with Home Assistant and Alexa.

  • If you want to roll some dice you could try the Chunghop K380-EW.


    It's a universal aircon remote with an app, so you could control it remotely via your phone. No mention of any voice assistant.

    There's one for sale on Banggood for $60.

    Untested by me. Might be garbage!

  • Thank you for the input. I opted in for the wifi modules.

    But the Daikin Mobile Controller app on iPhone is rubbish.
    It's slow for a start.
    The only way I can another phone can connect was to enable "Out-of-home" mode and the other person has to login via their cloud servers.
    Hope I haven't missed something because this looks like a really stupid implementation, only allowing one device to connect directly.

    Right now the only way out seems like setting up "Home Assitance" on a RasberryPi and using Home Assistance to control the units.

    Is anybody else having these issues with the iPhone app?

    • +1

      I haven’t had this problem on iPhone.
      The Daikin app, although basic, recognises the unit on Wi-Fi after just a few seconds and then it responds pretty much instantly to commands. I don’t need to be logged in to the ‘Out of home’ setting when on my wifi.
      My wife also has the app (Android) and it works fine.

      • Thanks. Your comment made me look at the other phone.
        The other phone had local network access turned off for the app. 🤦
        But still, it takes a few seconds to show the status of each unit when I open the app.

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