Suggestions on where to get Glasses

Looking to get some new glasses (short sighted).

Anyone have suggestions to where to get some good quality glasses from at affordable prices?

Prices at Spec Savers, OPSM and the local optometrist seems fairly expensive!



  • Bailey nelson were $219 for 2 pairs + eye exam.

    You can get the exam done for $30 and use the script to buy from clearly

  • yeah i recommend getting from clearly nz after you get your eye checked at opsm/specsavers/bailey nelson.

    their customer service is pretty good too

  • Cheers guys will check out clearly nz, Thanks

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    Last time I looked at this, the only thing I didn't have from my prescription was the Pupilatory Distance (PD) which is the distance between the centre of your pupils (I think).

    The optician did measure it (they would have to in order to supply actual glasses), but it was not shown on my prescription.

    I think Clearly (or maybe it was some other website) did have instructions on how to measure it yourself, but it was hard to be as accurate as the optician would be.

    Ideally, ask the optician for that while you are there :-)

  • Went to OPSM for a test, found a pair of frames I liked, made sure to ask the optician to note PD on the prescription then ordered from here at half the cost.

    • that's what I have done too. Took a while but worth the wait. About to order a pair of prescriptioned Sun glasses, but would like to wait for a bigger discount

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    I have had very High recommendations that Costco is 100% and pricing excellent, very professional and good range of frames. I will up date when personally have had a test and bought new glasses. ( of course need to be in Auckland and you also make appointment. )

    • I did get my eye test done at Costco for $30.
      Looked at their frames, they were in the range of $150-200 for a good quality frame.
      I was then told $140 extra for lenses.
      As it was close to closing time, I did not get more information on what is "included" with the $140 lenses, i.e what coating etc.

  • Optics1, korean style glasses

    • Looks like there is no option to buy online from Optics1, will need to go into a store.
      Do you know if they are more on the expensive side or cheaper side?

      • similar price to specsavers for better quality

  • Anyone know if you can claim southern cross insurance at online retailers like clearly or at Costco? I can claim it at specsavers, opsm etc.

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      I called southern cross and asked the same thing. You can claim from overseas retailers.

  • Where are you based? In Auckland you can get 3 pairs for $299 at Oscar Wylee. I have a very good optometrist at specsavers, so I just take my prescription to them.

    (add-ons to lenses aren't too expensive either unless your lenses are super special)

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    I went to spec savers, got a prescription for $30. Then went on Zenni and bought my glasses through there, after applying a coupon code that I had googled for first time customers. Delivered within one week for $40 all up, and are perfect.

    • Additionally, you do not need an optometrist to measure PD. You can do it with a A4 paper printout.

      • Heaps of apps that will do this for you. There's even one on the SpecSaver site these days (you'd think theyd just start putting it in the script).

    • Hi I've looked at Zenni, yes very cheap and affordable!
      only thing is, Their Frames are not "branded" as such, so not sure how long they would last.
      I expect to be paying abit more for the lenses, but if the frame is not going to last, there is no point paying more for good lenses.

      Any insight into this would be useful, thanks :)

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        The frames on the zenni glasses I bought never gave me a problem.

        Personally, not "branded" is a huge plus for me. I don't like being an unpaid billboard :-)

  • I was happy with the bifocals I bought from "Eleccion Official Store" on AliExpress.

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    I buy mine from Smartbuyglasses online (sourced from HK I think). Have used numerous times with no issues this far. They have their own branded range which is cheaper. I usually buy one nice pair and one budget pair when ordering from them.

  • I get OPSM free test with Southern X and have usually used Clearly. I have recently started using Smartbuyglasses and found them to be excellent so far (varifocals and reading) they have a widget on their site for doing the pupillary distance thing. Uses your camera and a credit card/any plastic card that size

  • I got my prescription done when I had an AA card and bought glasses from Zenni. They are cheap and have plenty of modern styes

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    I had laser eye surgery done about four years ago to correct my short sightedness (which was pretty bad!).
    It definitely cost a lot more than glasses (about $5500 from memory) but the freedom from being tied to glasses or contact lenses is unbelievable.
    Wish I had done it sooner.

    • I’m hoping to get this done once the mortgage is paid off (soon!) lol, can’t wait to experience that freedom! Did you have any issues after the procedure and/or any issues with your vision at night?

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        The procedure I had done was called SMILE which is suitable for people with short sightedness and moderate astigmatism.
        It was very straight forward.
        Started with a free assessment to ensure my eyes were healthy and I would be a suitable candidate.
        Two weeks prior to the surgery I had to remove my contact lenses and only wear glasses.
        The surgery itself took literally 30 seconds of looking at a laser with each eye (painless) and a short time later I was able to be driven home (It was clearer immediately afterwards but still a bit hazy and you can't drive). I didn't even have eye patches though.
        The next morning I had another checkup and had 20/20 vision.
        For the month afterwards you use eyedrops a few times per day just to ensure your eyes don't dry out while it completely heals.

        The only pain I experienced post surgery was when I made the mistake of chopping onions as part of dinner the next day. Holy crap that hurt!
        Other than that no issues - driving was fine both day and night.

        If you happen to need any additional corrective surgery then this is usually covered as part of your fee for the next 12 months.

        • Does your eyes hurt pretty bad if they wet from chlorinated swimming pool water?
          And how old were you when you did the corrective surgery? I just turned 40, I wonder if it is too late to do that. Been wearing glasses for myopia since I was 8.

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            @Banto: No - I have had no such problems.
            You can pretty much do everything as you had done prior to surgery almost straight away.
            I think they suggested a week or two after to go swimming but I can't recall now.

            I was older than you are when I had it done so your age is not a problem.
            As long as your vision has been relatively stable in the past 12 months then you could have it done.
            My eyesight began deteriorating from a young age too and I needed glasses from my early teens and moved to contact lenses soon after in order to play sports. At the time of my surgery I was classed as a high degree of myopia at -6.5 and there is almost no upper limit these days.

            My suggestion is find a reputable surgeon and then get a free assessment done to see if you are a candidate.
            Your profile says you are from Christchurch like me - if you are still here then I highly recommend Fendalton Eye Clinic where I had mine done.

            • @bigcheese: Thanks, mate!

            • @bigcheese: This is really useful, thanks. I’m up at -9.5 and just getting to the wrong side of 43. I looked in to implantable contact lenses a few years ago but my eye layer where they go isn’t thick enough. Also had a discussion about laser but the guy scared me off talking about natural changes in eyesight as you tip the 40 mark, which could give poor outcomes when combined with recent laser surgery.

              That must have been 4 or 5 years ago so I might go for another, free, assessment

              • @Madao: Definitely worth having another assessment.
                You can still get natural changes in your eyesight as you age, so it's not a complete silver bullet.
                This was explained to me and I do notice that it has probably deteriorated a small amount in the years post surgery.
                I don't need glasses but imagine I still may need to get something in the coming years (which would be for slight long sightedness now as opposed to short).
                The good thing is that this would involve cheap pairs I can pickup almost anywhere, compared to the cost of short sighted prescriptions.

                I would still do it again in a heartbeat.

  • I recently get a pair of glasses from Costco, happy with the service and glasses. My previous glasses were from Specsavers and they were a cheaper pair around $100-$200 (don’t care so much about cost/brand but more how they fit my face) - got a decent deal because I was able to get a discount through my partner’s work. My new frames from Costco cost about the same but so much better quality. I can’t believe how flimsy the material is of the cheaper Specsavers ones compared to the Costco ones.

    We did have a look at Specsavers prior to getting them at Costco but actually preferred the frames available at Costco. Partner also got a pair at Costco (before me) and he’s happy with his as well - we’re both short-sighted.

  • If you have your prescription, has some decently priced stylish frames and lenses.

    i got a glow in he dark pair with lenses for about $25 NZ and a few other pairs, they have some pretty stylish designs and all have lasted me 3 years so far.

    I also used clearly and have designer frames too, but if you want a few options then Zenni is good to have a rotating catalogue of frames at a very small cost.

  • Can confirm my Husband has now bought glasses from Costco . Price about the same as Spec savers much better quality, price was very good and he got exactly what he wanted. The Service and eye exam were 100% . Highly Recommend.

  • Last time I bought specs (approx 2-3 years ago) I bought in from the US from Zenni. I got 2 pairs both with clip on sunglasses bits including postage for under $100 NZD.
    As above, it's been a few years but from the quick look I just had they're still well priced.
    Clearly are pretty good for specs & contacts too. They're not the best quality but nothing wrong with them at all!

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