2x Nacho Cheese Cheese Chicken Tenders 5pk $6.50 (BOGOF) @ Burger King App


Buy one get one free. Only via Burger King app.

Total cost $6.5 for 10 pieces of Nacho Cheese Chicken Tenders.

On their website about the product:
Introducing Nacho Cheese Chicken Tenders. BK’s succulent Chicken Tenders, covered in a cheesy corn-chip coating for all the crunchy goodness of nachos. Two of your favourite noms, all wrapped up in one.

They also have new dessert deals on the app:
2x King Fusion (Jelly Choc Blitz) for $8
2x Berry Scroll for $8

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  • +1

    Jelly choc blitz fusion is pretty decent

    • The improved soft serve helps a lot. No longer icy and actually creamy.
      Ive tried the orbz ones, orbz dont add much to them.
      They are normally $5 each, so save $2

      • I did notice the soft serve was better, I just assumed it was by chance it was better, iteresting to know

  • They also had a crispy chicken suprene bogof coupon, but it disappeared, it will come back as they tend to do this kind of thing with their new coupons

  • Also BOGOF ghost pepper whopper ends today

  • I heard my name, also BK Hawaiian chicken is the best, change my mind

  • double cheese

  • Are these actual tenders or just differently shaped chicken nuggets?

    • Pretty sure they’re not a small boat so probably just nuggets coated in Doritos flavouring

  • Just had these today, very average, would not recommend :(

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