Powershop - "Chance to Win" Promotion Is a Bit Confusing

Hi folks, there's a temporary promotion for the next 6 weeks with Powershop (ends 30 April 2023)

It's a referral, not a deal, so as per the rules I have added it to the referral list on my accounts page.

My understanding is that if you access a referral link though the store's page on cheapies (i.e. https://www.cheapies.nz/deals/powershop.co.nz ) it will then randomly assign you with any one of the links that people have added to their own account.

The reason I'm posting here in the forms though is I want to know if the main page for Powershop can be updated to reflect the latest promo.
It's a bit unusual bc it now includes a "chance to win" in addition to the long-running referral programme.

(So, normally the referrer gets $100 and the referee gets $150 if they switch power companies by signing up to Powershop.
The new promo says that in addition to this — for the next 6 weeks anyway — the referrer and referree BOTH go into the draw to win $2180 free power.)

It's not 100% clear though - does this apply to everyone's existing referral links? From what I can tell the link is the same as before, but it now has ?p=1766 appended to the end. Thing is, if you follow the ?p=1766 link through, it sends the user to the sign up page with a bunch of T&Cs for the original promo, and not the new one. So how do we know that the new promo links are even working? Hmmmm. Probably just something the promo-makers glossed over.

Anyway, thought it best to post here. Mods shout out if it I should post this somewehre else.. I haven't included my own referral link here just to keep this unbiased / non-promotional.

There'a few T&Cs which I'll post in a separate comment.

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  • The full T&Cs are a bit long to post it all here, but essentially is goes like this:

    Powershop promotion ends 30 April 2023. All amounts in NZD. Only applies in New Zealand.



    Sign up to Powershop before 30 April 2023 and you will get $150 bill credit (free power).

    Person who signs up with the link will receive a credit of $150, payable over 12 months as follows:
    - first credit of $25 will be paid once customer is switched to Powershop
    - followed by a $10 credit in each of the 10 following monthly bills
    - and a final credit of $25 in the final bill of the first year as a Powershop customer.



    Sign up to Powershop before 30 April 2023 and you will ALSO go in the draw to win $2180 worth of power.
    The winner and referrer will receive a year’s worth of free power (for a total of $2180 Powershop credit).
    The $2180 will be credited to the winners’ Powershop accounts in twelve payments:

    • $180 per month in autumn (March - May)
    • $235 per month in winter (June - August)
    • $175 per month in spring (September - November)
    • $137 per month in summer (January - February, December)

    Any unused credit each month will accumulate and will carry-over for use in following months.


    Is it worth updating this on the main page i.e. https://www.cheapies.nz/deals/powershop.co.nz ??

    (edit: me ca'nt speel guranateed)

  • what's their pricing like nowadays. I was with them 3 yrs ago then moved to Contract for 3-yr fixed price contract. Now it's time to find next deal for Aug. would you pls pm me some more info and perhaps if i sign up, can use ur referral link too.

    • If you're a low user don't bother as their pricing is quite expensive. Have moved away from Powershop to 1yr fixed with Mercury.

  • The description for referral is updated now.

    You will have to contact powershop customer support yourself to see whether your usual referral link is eligible for the draw — we don't have a way of validating your ref links.

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