Can anyone share their experience buying from AVWorld please?

I'm thinking of picking up a pair of decent bookshelf speakers and AVWorld has a pretty sharp price. Just wondering what their customer service is like in the event there's any issue with them? Their site is

Edit: Thanks everyone for sharing your experiences, sounds like it'll be OK and I can save some money (but really spend money as is the Cheapies way lol).

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    I had a really bad experience with them when it came to courier. The courier issue wasn't their fault partly, but the follow up attempt was extreme poor and they were quick to shift the blame on us. Basically, they were 10 minutes away from us, but I decided to get it shipped as I wasn't home and my family wasn't keen to pick up even though it was close. It ended up taking around 2 weeks for it to make it to me. I called them up for an update after a week since the shipping date to ask why is it taking so long for an item 10 minutes from my house to get here. They were initially defensive and said I needed to wait their full 7 days from memory, which I had. When they realised I had adhere to their policy, they kind of just said they'll follow up with the courier. They never called me back. I ended up calling up myself to the courier (I think it was fastway) many times to eventually track it down and they got it to us from the driver the next day. The item itself was fine, but with that sort of customer service for a simple follow up of a shipped item, I'm not sure how well things would go if you had any after-sales service needs.

  • I haven't had experience with AVWorld but in general the customer service across retailer stores/supermarket etc has been pretty poor in recent years. I assume you spoke to a staff not earning enough to genuinely care about what happened to an online order.

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    We have had really good experiences with AV World over the last 12 months.
    We purchased a turntable mid-last year and it wa packaged well and delivered within a couple of days.
    We also purchased a couple of Sonos speakers about a month ago (during their relocation sale) and they were delivered by the staff the next day (less than a 24 hour turnaround) - I suspect they wanted to expedite the reduction of the stock they had to move.
    In both cases, the purchasing process, communication and delivery were outstanding and we're really happy with our purchases.

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    I think my brother purchased from them and it was ok. They have been around for a while so should be ok.

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    Bought my home theatre system from them - communication with them was a bit difficult via email, but in store was perfectly fine. Sales staff in store were really helpful and they weren't trying to shove random shit down my throat, they listed to what I was after and explained a few things to me that I never knew about which was good.
    They also price match if you email/go in store.
    Delivery was painfree for me and I live far away - I moved houses between my order and when I wanted the items delivered (was a 8 week wait on something I had ordered) and they had no issues delaying the delivery a bit further for my move in date and also delivering when I wanted it.

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    I have purchased pair of atmos speakers from them last year.
    They shipped speakers quickly and very quick responses to emails.
    So the experience was good.

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