Any suggestions for a metal french press?

Plunger coffee is obviously far superior to instant and lately I've been processing, roasting and brewing coffee from my own little bush that is finally producing a decent amount of cherries.

I heard metal french presses are way better for heat retention as I always feel like I'm left with a borderline warm cup of coffee after using the glass ones, does anyone have a suggestion for a good french press, can be glass, metal, anything really as long as it holds heat betteršŸ˜.


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    Sorry can't assist with that except for the following. I won a Meile coffee machine a couple years ago. It's and automatic cup filler and it makes a very nice coffee. However I find it's not really as hot as I like it. So the coffee machine sits on the bench right next to the Microwave. I just nuke my cup of coffee for about 20 seconds after it's made - perfect !

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    Don't bother with glass. Broke three in one year stirring the coffee in them. I have this exact one in plain stainless steel and it's all you'll ever need:ā€¦

    That's as cheap as they get for that size too.

    • Second this suggestion - I too have the stainless one and it works just as well as much pricier Bodum ones etc. And far far better than a glass one.

  • Also have the S/Steel one. I Rinse it out with boiling water first, before making a brew.

    I only wished that the lid sealed better. There is always a small gap at the spout, and this lets hot air / steam escape. I think if the lid was more airtight, the brew would stay warmer for longer.

  • Will you consider AeroPress? As well as Chinese copycats.

    Check the series made by James Hoffmann

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