American Express Existing Customer Applying for Another AmEx Card


I'm currently an Amex customer and hold one of their Platinum Edge credit cards. I'm thinking to change to their Airpoints one but I can't see an option to apply as an existing customer… I login and then press apply and it just takes me to their standard new customer login page where I have to enter in everything again, from my name to address and all of my income/expense details.

Can anyone confirm whether Amex will do another credit enquiry for this new card, i.e. affecting my credit score? Or will they just go off my internal credit card patterns to approve or decline this new card?

Seems a bit annoying to start application from scratch when they know I've been a customer of theirs for years…

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  • Yep this is what you have to do unfortunately. Then when the card arrives you just register it on to your online account. On the bright side, despite not being eligible because I'm already an Amex customer, I still got the 300 bonus airpoints which I wasn't expecting so that was great.

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