Using Flight Centre Rewards from Flight Centre Mastercard

I'm about to close my Flight Centre Mastercard but rather than throw away the rewards in it does anybody know if a purchase of a Flight Centre gift card using the credit card would use the rewards rather than charge me real money?

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Flight Centre Mastercard
Flight Centre Mastercard


  • Same! Dont think its worth anymore as FC is charging an additional $150pp for instore purchases and there is no online payment option when i checked last week.

  • $150pp for long haul destinations
    $75pp for AU/Pacific Islands
    $50pp Domestic travel

    For all adult travelers

    You can still use the FCMC with online purchases, and the service fee isn't required. However you only get the standard interest free payment term from what i believe, not the extended 12/18 months period.(might need to double check this part, it's classed as if you were to swipe it at a terminal)

    Flatmate works for Flight Centre, so I've overheard the conversation a few times 😅

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