Cutting a spare key without the transponder

I want to get just the key part (that opens the car door) of transponder key as a spare but Mr Mint told me I need to buy the whole unit at a cost $80 plus. Any recommendations for a cheaper alternative? Thanks

Update: the reason I want it is the car (Holden Equinox) has an unwelcome feature that I can’t seem to turn off, that if the key is put in the boot by accident and the boot shut, the whole car automatically locks. I want to hid a spare under the car.


  • You might want to test unlocking the car, and starting it, without clicking the button / having a transponder nearby as that can set the alarm off on some cars.

    No idea if that can be changed though.

  • What make, model and year? Check out AliExpress, I've successfully bought several spares and shell cases for transponders there for Toyotas for a fraction of the price that Mr. Minit and the likes charge. The transponders themselves can be harder to find especially for newer cars - depending on your vehicle you may need to pony up and get a genuine one, but try Ebay or Amazon if AliExpress doesn't deliver.

    • Seconding aliexpress. I bought replacement key fobs, transponder chips and a transponder encoder and did it all myself (aside from the actual cutting) for less than the cost of two replacement keys.

  • You don't need it coded to unlock the door.

    It won't start the car though. Which if you have to leave a key outside it then that's what you want anyway.

    Ask to match and cut the key,.or just order one online and take it to them.

    They are actually a pain. Refused to cut my last cars key on the basis "it needs coded" and wouldn't listen to the fact that actually many modern Japanese cars don't even have the security unit for a coded key.

  • If you go to an independent locksmith they should do it for less than 10 bucks.

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