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1-Yr PlayStation Plus Deluxe TL₺460 (~NZ$40) via PS5 & Wise Virtual Card (+ $10 with Physical Card) @ PSN Turkey (No VPN Req)


Credit StealthAu who's post has now been removed relating to modifying statements containing a New Zealand address. That aside, here are some instructions to suit us without having to resort to fraud.


  • A PS5 Console. (This does not work on PS4)
  • A Wise Debit Card


  • Create a new Turkey PSN account (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z5-t4ehzw80)
  • Add a proxy to your internet connection in your PS5.
  • Add (working as of 9/3/2023) and press Ok. Wait for the connection to finish, it'll still work even if the connection fails.
  • You will need to add a NZ digital card (NZ card number starts with xxxx 9400 xxxx xxxx) to your PSN account as a payment method.
  • Add 460 Turkish lira to your Wise account
  • Go to PS store in your PS5 console and pay for the subscription with the NZ digital card.
  • Once you have subbed, you can now remove the proxy.

P.S: You can use the Wise digital card to buy digital games through the Turkish PS store as well which are generally much cheaper than buying games in NZ.

If the proxy does not work please check HotUKDeals for updated comments for a working proxy provided by users there.

Happy gaming OzBargainers Cheapies .

Supplementary Advice

You can never trust a random public internet proxy in general. Yes, the transaction is encrypted by SSL, so they can't sniff your credit card details. However, it doesn't mean you should be any less cautious - there could be a remote possibility that your traffic is being sniffed via some undisclosed exploit. So therefore, I'd recommend deleting the Wise Virtual Card as soon as your transaction has completed. And don't forget to remove the proxy straight after.

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  • Do I have to have two pan accounts ony ps5 for it to work or can I do it on my existing nz psn acct and one gave that one nz psn acct working? :)

  • +1

    Without having tried it, and in relation to TechHit's comment about the connection security, whilst you may well have a TLS connection to the proxy, the proxy will almost certainly (probably have no choice but to) decrypt it, and (hopefully, if they are honest / competent), then re-encrpyt it on to the final destination.

    That means that they see everything in clear-text that you send, including the credit card number, and any other details you submit.

    If you do as TechHit suggests with a Wise Virtual Card, your risk seems to be limited to the ₺ 460 though (unless I am missing something which is certainly possible!), so I'd definitely follow TechHit's advice in that respect!


    • That is impossible. You would get SSL errors about the certificate authority not matching. It literally works this way by design. They can absolutely exfiltrate anything requested or sent via HTTP though.

      • -1

        The OP explicitly states it is an SSL (they likely really mean TLS) connection.

        Why would you get errors if the certificate was valid?

        If you connect to 'someproxy.com' and the certificate is for that site (and valid in all other ways, such as within date etc), then it shouldn't generate an error unless you've deleted some root certs maybe, but that would be your own doing.

  • I see this deal was unpublished due to 'illegal items' on Ozbargain. Anyone know why?

    • +1

      This is the original poster (StealthAu) here. It was taken down due to the method of changing addresses from AU to NZ. It will work for people that reside in NZ.

      • Hey mate, i managed to create turkey psn account on ps5 😊 then i saved wise card on psn payment method. When i buy some game in turkish lira its a success. But when i try to buy deluxe 12 months membership it doesnt work, keeps saying try again later. Is this because i dont have proxy added?

        Whenever i try to add proxy in my ps5 network, i keep loosing my internet connection. Can u pls guide me on how did u setup the proxy? Did u do some changes in your router/modem as well?

  • That proxy doesn’t appear to work. The price for psplus is still in NZD. I tried a couple others but no luck. If anyone finds a working one please post it. Thanks

    • You need to a Turkish PSN account.

      • oh so turns out you do need another account

      • Hi, can u pls help me, i tried creating turkey user on ps5 but on the very last step when i accept all T&Cc and click next, it keeps saying something went wrong. Do i need to do proxy step prior to creating turkish psn account?

  • Can you elaborate on the NZ digital card? Is that a wise nz wallet?

    • +1

      It's a foreign currency debit card with complete transparency and ultra low fees. https://wise.com/
      Once you order a physical card, you can then generate multiple virtual debit cards (each with unique number, expiry, CVV) which is linked to your physical card. The advantage of using a virtual debit card is that you can also destroy them, so if you don't trust a vendor, you can stop that card from ever being used again.

      • I understand now thanks for elaborating.

  • OP - do you require a Turkish PS Account? Or can I use my existing NZ PS Account with that process, and get the discounted rate? Thanks.

    • Yeah, create a new PSN account based in Turkey.

      • OP - did you try this method yourself, exactly as you have described above? And was it 100% successful?

        • Admittedly I haven't because I don't have a PS5. I just thought I'd share, as I have a Wise account (and a PS4) so I can envision the steps. There's lots of people reporting success on the HotUKDeals post. The credit goes to @ZazaP so feel free to ping him re: his results.

          • @techhit: Interesting. I will look into it further. I’m encountering nothing but roadblocks.

            • @cameron: I tried this method today and worked fine for me. Can help you out if you're stuck on anything particular :D

              • @Muarice: Hi, can u pls help me, i tried creating turkey user on ps5 but on the very last step when i accept all T&Cc and click next, it keeps saying something went wrong

            • @cameron: I've modified the original instructions to make it clearer. Hope this helps.

              • @techhit: @cameron I've followed the steps as outlined, created Turkey based PSN account and added wize card as the payment method but the only thing I've done differently is loaded $50 NZD instead of 460 Turkish lira. Now when I'm on the payment screen it throws me back to the card payment screen saying add correct card details. Did you have to add a Turkey address as well? Please help….

                • @SamwizeGamezy: For the wise card to go through you need to only have the turkey balance open. I had an aus, nz and turkey balance open and the payment wasnt going through until i closed the nz and aus balances. Hope that helps

                  • @Muarice: Thank you, I will add 460 Lira and try again once the funds have been added. Right now on wize app I'm showing NZD balance how do I close NZD balance? Or do I get a new card for Turkey balance? Cheers

                    • @SamwizeGamezy: Transfer the NZD back to your bank and once it's $0.00 you can try again.

                      • @ZazaP: Do you really need to transfer it back to your bank?

                        Can't you just poke it into a 'jar' making it inaccessible?

                        • @Alan6984: Turns out the only way to make the funds inaccessible is to either send to someone or convert to different currency. Bummer if I knew I could convert the currency on Saturday I would have done that instead of adding more money since I had to wait for the bank day (Today) for the funds to be added. Never mind I shall try this again tonight when I get home. Fingers crossed - please work! 🤞

                          • @SamwizeGamezy: Interesting! Please do update us once you have re-tried.

                            • @Alan6984: UPDATE: It worked for me yay! I'd be happy to help if needed. Thank you everyone 😊

                              • @SamwizeGamezy: So, do you need a zero balance of Turkish Lira, or a zero balance completely across all your currencies (including jars)?

                                • +1

                                  @Alan6984: I understand you will need to hold 460 Turkey Lira for this to work. As I was showing $50.00 NZD and 461Turkey Lira on wize app, as mentioned by @ZaraP I transferred 50 NZD to a different account so wize app was only showing 461 Lira available. Then added the wize visa card as the payment method via PS5 and a Turkey address as required. I received an email shortly from PS5 to confirm my subscriptions was added. Hope this helps.

  • While slightly more expensive, PS+ Singapore is usually the better choice as it has all games with English and Chinese lanagauges options (or gives you two copies - one English one Chinese).

    Just create an account, and purchase a PSN SG gift card online


    And use a VPN to load it (you may not even need to).

    And don't forget - You can't change the Country your PS+ account is in. You're stuck there. So no transfering the last three years PS+ monthly games to a NZ account (which will be a major issue should they ever try a bit harder with the geo restrictions)

    • Singapore subscriptions is ~3.5x more expensive than in Turkey. I guess if you absolutely need the Chinese version then it would be the better choice.

  • We did it this morning. The creating account part has to be done on the PS5, didn't work on PC.

  • I've followed the steps as outlined, created Turkey based PSN account and added wize card as the payment method but the only thing I've done differently is loaded $50 NZD instead of 460 Turkish lira. Now when I'm on the payment screen it throws me back to the card payment screen saying add correct card details. Did you have to add a Turkey address as well? Please help….

    • +1

      You need to load 460 Turkish lira. Make sure the payment address is the same as the one on your Turkish PSN.

    • +1

      Welcome to ChoiceCheapies

  • I got myself a ps5 from that flybuys post last week, should arrive this week, happy times! Does this still work? And the psplus price is $89 is this workaround worth doing, are the games much cheaper in Turkey?

  • Thanks for the direction.
    I did mine.
    I was wondering if I can also do this again, then transfer the account to PS4 and make the account primary.

  • Not sure why this says - doesn’t work with PS4.
    Worked for me:
    Created a new account using Windscribe turkey vpn on my iPad.
    Subscribed to psn plus premium with wise card.
    Added the new account to my PS4 (didn’t use vpn)
    Downloaded and played psn games!

  • Hi, anyone got this to work? I am trying with different proxies, it isnt working. Any assistance?

    • Yes, I was able to get it working! What step are you stuck on?

      • I created my turkey psn account on PC successfully

        I removed all other currency from wise and just have the turkish lira

        My address for payment on PS store matches the address on the profile

        I have tried 20 different proxy on PS5 but it says "Cant connect to internet, Your ISP or your router might be preventing your PS5 from connecting to the internet. Make sure you can connect to the internet via the same network as your PS5 by testing the connection using your mobile or computer"

        I am on 2 degrees if that helps

  • +1

    I didn't have any connection issues, (I did use a vpn which was connected to turkey).
    Although the steps say - it'll still work even if the connection fails. If you haven't already maybe try to pay with wise card and see it goes through?
    I created my turkey psn account on ps5 itself (not sure if this could be the issue)?

    • Creating the account on PC is likely the issue. That's what hindered me, which I commented up there somewhere ^^

    • I tried paying but didnt work. ill try creating account on PS

    • Created a new account on ps5 console, got one proxy where it says couldnt conenct but can still access store. at the payment page it says an unidentified error occured, please try again

  • Just to confirm you have 460 Turkish lira on wize card? Does it let you add it as a payment method? You may need to use a VPN.

    • yes i have the amount. it let me add the card and the card got checked as weell

      • So if the card is being accepted that would mean its not a payment issue. What happens when you try to pay for it?

        • It says an unidentified error occured. please try again

  • Sorry I don't know why you are getting that error as to me it seems you have followed the steps correctly. May I suggest checking on YouTube as I found additional information like different ip address. That may hep. Good luck.

  • hi so how does this work for online play and such please? do i need to use the turkey region account for that? or do i simply use the turkey one with ps + deluxe , dwonload the games, then switch back to my main acc (nz region)? last time i did stuff like this was back in the ps3 days and now about to get a ps5 finally :). back then had a USA account which i'd switch to for buying/downloading off the USA store, then switch back to NZ account to play the games online in NZ servers. any downsides of note for this method? thanks!

    • You probably have the accounts linked via game share. Allowing you to use your regular account to play the games and then purchase them cheaper via turkey on the other account

      • thanks! couldn't find a way to get this to work, not with vpn or controld service either per videos. also saw the price has since increased, so it's about $150 NZD now for deluxe rather than $40 :( i missed the bus on the cheap deals!

  • ok getting closer but still unable to add my wise card as a payment method. anyone had lucky recentlY? get this error "Please check your credit/debit card information and try again." . i've used the same wise card for amazon prime turkey

  • update : no longer works sadly. you can create turkish PSn account using a service such as windscribe (free) on PC without any proxy etc. however Wise card no longer works for Turkey PS store.

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