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Huawei GT2 42mm Smart Watch (Night Black) $108.99 Delivered @ Techunion via The Market


Sold via TechUnion and ships out of Australia.

The cheapest I've seen for awhile.

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  • Interwsting considering i thought they werent selling these anymore

  • Just note there's quite a few limitations on due to the embargo. e.g There's no NFC, no Google Wallet support, no integration with google's services / fitness platforms, very few 3rd party apps and no voice assistant support (unless you have a Huawei phone with it's own assistant software, Celia). Make sure you read the reviews so that you know what it can / can't do.

    • +1

      Also no Wi-Fi, very limited calling ability, and receiving calls over Bluetooth only, no text reply. However my partner has had the gold version for 3 years now and she loves it.

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