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Book an Outbound Starter Fare, Receive Return Starter Fare Free @ Jetstar (Domestic Flights, 19 Jul - 21 Sept, 11 Oct - 30 Nov)


Jetstar is doing the return portion of flights for free as a special deal. Plenty of good options like Auckland to Wellington return for $59 or $69 etc which is super good. Last year I paid over 10x this to go to Wellington for business. Auckland to Queenstown for $85 is pretty good also!

Travel dates are - 19 July – 21 September and 11 October – 30 November 2023.

Club Jetstar members get first go today, public gets the rest tomorrow. I can find lots of free seats currently so plenty of options and destinations. If these suited you it would be well worth paying the one off $55 fee if your not a member already especially if you have multiple people travelling as only one needs to be a member. Or just wait it out until tomorrow and hope they are still there.

Club members get other benefits as like cheaper baggage etc and access to future sales earlier.

Book an outbound Starter fare and you will receive one return Starter fare free. Selected flights. Only available from the same arrival and departure ports and must be purchased in a single booking. Availability is limited (not available on all flights or days). Limited availability on school and public holiday weekends. Checked baggage not included. Return travel dates may differ, check before you book. Limited changes can be made to Return for FREE^ bookings but change fees and any fare difference will apply. For the free flights the fare difference will be calculated from a $0 fare. Fares are in New Zealand dollars and web only. Prices based on payment by POLi, Jetstar voucher or Jetstar Gift Card at jetstar.com. For all other bookings, a Booking and Service Fee of $5 per passenger, per domestic flight and $8 to $12.50 per passenger, per international flight applies. Other conditions apply, see things you need to know below.

  • Checked baggage is not included but may be added for a fee. Carry-on baggage limits, including size restrictions, will be strictly applied. Passengers with more than the applicable carry-on baggage allowance will need to check in baggage, and charges will apply.
  • Prices are based on payment at jetstar.com by POLi, voucher, gift card, or bookings redeemed only in Qantas Points. For all other bookings, a Booking and Service Fee of $5 to $12.50 per passenger, per flight applies.
  • Before you book your flight, and before you travel, please visit our travel advice page.
  • Limited changes are permitted, charges may apply. For applicable fees, see Fare Rules and Fees and Charges. No fees apply where you are entitled to a remedy by law or under our Conditions of Carriage.

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  • OP would you see if there are availability for Akl to Queenstown around early Sep? Just thinking whether to purchase the member now or wait until midnight and check for availability

    • I had a quick look but couldnt see any. That's no surprise. Queenstown is always first to go and especially in Sept I'm sure they went quick.

    • There is availability early Sep

      You don’t need to be logged into Jetstar to view the pricing, you just need to go through the process right through to selecting flight times

      Right now I can see AKL - ZQN - $75 outbound flight on the 4th and $65 outbound flight on the 6th with plenty of $0 return fares available the week after

  • Is this for domestic flights only? Or will they offer flights to aussie too 🤞

    • Domestic only by the looks.

  • I have got credit for jetstar that expires on 16th, not alot 95 bucks. If someone wants to book, can use this. Open to offers.

    • +2

      You should be able to extend the credit - just use it to buy a flexible fare, cancel it and you’ll have a new credit.

      • That's a good hack!

  • Thanks OP, I don’t usually fly jetstar but with a free return I got our flights for less than half of what I would have paid with air NZ. Still $290 for two people return to Auckland but air NZ would have been $800+
    Now fingers crossed the flights are cancelled or super delayed ect

    • Nice one. I fly a lot - average once a week between AU and NZ and AU and NZ Domestic - you are just as likely to experience that in fact more likely on AirNZ these days domestically. I actually think AirNZ is delayed more, Jetstars are just more catastrophic. I have AirNZ elite status so get all the "free" perks but usually the price is like up to 5x cheaper on Jetstar or Virgin (in AU) so sitting in a lounge with a "free" vs $10 coffee and donut is not worth it so end up flying Jetstar a lot more these days.

  • I'm often tempted by these Jetstar deals, and tried to take advantage of many of them last year - free return, cheap prices etc.
    In fact I booked 15 return trips with Jetstar in 2022, unfortunately only 2 of them actually happened, with all the rest of them the bookings were refunded because the flights were cancelled.
    In most cases there was plenty of notice, but in nearly all cases I had booked a daytrip (WLG-AKL or WLG-CHC), but they would cancel the morning flight - and try to rebook me on a flight that would have me leaving WLG after my return flight had arrived back….
    It just got so ridiculous that nearly every single cheap deal I booked had to be refunded. I don't know if it was a deliberate strategy to cancel flights with lots of cheap fares and therefore not enough revenue, but either way it was very frustrating.
    It has also continued into 2023, both WLG-CHC daytrips that I had booked for this year (May and June) have already been cancelled.
    So by all means jump on the deal, just as long as you don't have to fly for anything critical, because there's a good chance you'll end up on Air NZ anyway.

    • Sounds like very bad luck. As said above I did at least 50 flights last year probably half on JS and half on AirNZ - and had issues on both, perhaps I just noticed more because I expected more because they cost so much more that AirNZ was worse performing of the two, especially on the evening flights out of Wellington (my most frequent destination) - Not sure if they still do it but Wellington airport used to publish stats on their website by airline about ontime performance - and in some quarters JS was actually better - but overall they were within a percent or 2 of each other.

      But when JS does fail, it really fails hard as it doesnt have the depth of other flights on the schedule to fall back on.

      • Yes, well in this case my issues weren't with 'ontime performance' per se, but just removing flights from their schedule, in which case they won't show up in the stats!
        Maybe they have removed a plane from their fleet, hence them dropping all these morning flights from Wellington.

        • It covered cancelled flights, but I guess if they were taken of the schedule well in advance then this is different. I have never had this happen to me but then I tend to fly very business hour flights. They have definitely dropped a plane or something post Covid as there is noticeably less flights than their used to be in the non peak periods on some routes like AKL - WGTN

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