Advice on notary public to certify documents

Have a document that requires a notary public to certify (have tried asking the organisation on whether a JP could do it, but they told me no).

Any idea how much would it cost to get them to certify a document? Any recommendations around the ChCh area? TIA.


  • from memory head to your local police station and ask for the constable on duty, they can certify documents.
    have they specifically asked for a notary of public or just to get the documents certified? Are you looking to get document copies certified?

    • Yes, they specifically asked for a notary public - this is a document that will be sent to the US (it even has that fricking 'State' field on, which doesn't apply here)

  • Sounds odd that a JP can't do it as Kiwisaver allow JPs

  • I used a notary in Panmure Auckland about 2 years ago. Cost $80 from memory for a 10 min max job!

    • I know, right! Even $80 is in the low band, most that I've seen here in ChCh charged around $120-$150

  • I used a notary in south Auckland last week. $110 to witness me signing a document. You can find a notary here:

    • Thanks. Will give it a go.

  • +1

    80-100 dollar mark. Notary public required for many documents sent internationally, usually 1 document or 5 document cost the same so make sure to bring them all.

  • From my experience normally JP can handle docs for domestic use in NZ while if the docs need to be certified for overseas use will need a public notary. JP services are free in Auckland at libraries while public notary can cost a lot. Normally will have a mininum charge and goes up from there by docs. Shop around as your cost may vary depending on number of docs / pages to certify.

  • You're dead right - this is an overseas form hence they require a notary public which will witness me signing a document (didn't know that before).

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