2x Ghost Pepper Whopper $10 (BOGOF) @ Burger King App


Buy one get one free. Only via Burger King app.

Total cost $10.

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  • Are these super spicy

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    App shows the burger as $12 each so this is better than BOGOF, even though the code states that it is BOGOF.

    • Oh nvm, looks like the ghost pepper chicken is $12 and whopper is $10. Unsure if you can get the chicken one with this deal though.

      • They're both $12

        Ah, it says it's $12 in the app until you go to purchase. Then it becomes $10.

    • I was all ready to jump in the car and drive half an hour to BK before I read that. What a let down.

      • They are never super spicy from fast food chains like these.

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    I just tried this, less spicy than franks or tabasco. I think the patties are microwaved from frozen, if you told me this was a rebel pattie id believe you because there is no taste to it besides filler. Id say they are worth $5 each not a penny more.

    • isnt the patty same flame grilled as normal whoppers?

      • There's no way what I received had been on the vicinity of any such heat source, just the food dye grill marks they only bother to paint on one side these days.

      • do they actually flame grill? cause the pattie never looked like it.

  • Can confirm not hot, maybe 2/10 for me for heat. Wonder if they add more sauce that would change. Anyway 2 whoppers for $10 is not bad.

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      Asked them to add more sauce and the taste was better, 5/10 for heat with extra sauce.

  • just got mine. cant complain 2 whoppers for 10$. I will have again in few days

  • Would be great with triple crown points, which hasn't happened in the past 2 years or so.

  • +1

    Can you elect to remove the sauce and have 2 whoppers for $10?

    • Yes you can remove the sauce

  • Got mine thanks. Confirm not hot an pretty tasteless but good bang for buck. also got 2x loaded fries for 8 dollars. Big mistake - hella gross undercooked over sauced mush.

  • Doesn’t look like can get the deal anymore?

    • Still showing on mine?

    • Need to switch on location on smartphone

  • so wat are these burgers like? do u recommend them

    • Haven't had them yet, but I imagined it will be just a regular whopper with some mild hot sauce

  • nice

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