Gym Bro's - Best place to purchase supplements?

Gym Bro's

Looking for some good sites for supplements and sorts :)



  • what specifically are you after? protein, pre work out, vitamins?

  • Nowhey and wheydeals both often have decent specials

  • If you're after protein, I (and a lot of people I know) use MyProtein - their impact whey iosolate (smooth chocolate) is good value, tastes good, and its usually either 30% or 40% off
    Some analasis reviews of some options are here:

    If you're after supplements - what specifically do you want?
    Inc. brand creatine often runs out of stock, but when its on sale at Chemist Warehouse its only $22.49 for 500g making it quite cheap

    • I've seen the creatine at $12.5 and $15 before.

      • me too, but I personally haven't seen that for a while (and in the past 2 months I've seen it jump up to something like $35ish)

        I havn't looked too hard, but I think right now, this is one of the better options if you need something this week

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          I think it is because CW can't keep it in stock, and there was a shortage in 2022. CW has briscoes pricing, so the peaks might be in between sales.

  • Optimum Nutrition Gold standard whey is pretty decent price at Costco. Last time I went they had a 20% off rebate on them as well, got 3kg for $109.
    I’d say if you go there, keep a lookout.

  • No idea if the prices for the gym stuff is on point or not, but I have had good experience buying (endurance nutrition) from these dudes

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  • I second the and for some great bargains but also check out for some great prices - they have an app too which makes buying quick and easy

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    Always thought Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard Whey to be overrated compared to our homegrown options. NZMuscle (and most other stores) have a good range of in-house brand supps at reasonable prices including Whey which is NZ made and grass fed (very high end for some international brands)

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    NZ Protein is awesome. Great price with pure ingredients. And their shipping is insane.. I had an order delivered same day to a rural address which would usually take a week

    • I agree with you. NZ Protein has been awesome both in terms of quality and pricing. They never do sales so it's always the same low pricing (unlike MyProtein).

  • Can anyone confirm if buying vitamins and other pill supplements like magnesium, fish oil etc is cheaper at Costco or Chemist Warehouse? Open to other suggestions as well of course!

  • There's also… which again is NZ Whey and they're based in Christchurch. Have done a few orders through them.

  • For protein powder, highly recommend Nutratech. They have a discount code every month which is between 7-10% which gets emailed to you. Also, when you leave a review on google you get a 15% discount code. Always works to be under $80 for 5lb of the refill bags.

  • Anyway to get Macro Mike range cheaper or basically any non-pea vegan protein? Like peanut protein, almond protein powders etc.
    Also protein bars if there is a cheapie way of getting them?

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