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Get $100 for Opening New ASB Transaction Account, Ordering ASB Visa Debit Card and after 5 Contactless Transactions (Ages 18-24)


Saw this while watching a video.

You must open one a new eligible ASB transaction account by joining ASB online by 28 February 2023, order an ASB Visa Debit card and make five contactless transactions by 27 March 2023 to get $100. Offer available to eligible customers aged 18-24 years old. Offer not available to existing ASB customers. Online transactions are ineligible. ASB Bank Limited’s terms and eligibility criteria apply. Visit for full offer terms and conditions.

Full terms & conditions:…

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  • lol website link is dead

  • link doesn't work..

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    Offer available to eligible customers aged 18-24 years

    How do you do, fellow kids?

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      Aged based discrimination…. Sheds a tear

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    Awesome gonna make a account just for the free 100

  • New customer only

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    don't recommend it, recently they a promotion where if you sign up for their new visa credit card and spend $x, then you get back $x in cash rebate (I don't remember the exact details). This is because I uses their eftpos and have a visa card but it's not a credit card?? but I have to pay 6 monthly card fees (if something like this even exist??).

    Anyway, long story short, been a customer for over 20+ years as my primary bank with my salaries going to it since to get-go, the process was cumbersome, the amount of checking, validation was insane, it seems they are more interested in knowing every single spending I have - yes, for those supporting OF, you have been warned ;) I understand the need for this but for goodness sake, they could see my month paycheck, my existing bank balance over 6k sitting there (and still am) and I am apply for an entry credit card with a default credit limit (can't remember what exactly but it can't be much maybe $500 - $1000). In conclusion, if they are not offering this promotion in good faith then let's not have it at all to begin with, a complete waste of everyone's time. It's very much like getting paid to do a survey. If you have made it this far, thanks for reading this.

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      This is for a debit card, they won't be going through your spending history for a debit card, also why it's targeted as 18-24 year olds as not all of them will easily be able to get credit cards.

      Also how recent is "recently"? It's well established that as a result of the Credit Contracts and Consumer Finance Act, all NZ banks started to go through spending with a fine toothed comb, I think for pretty much any credit/finance application. There was a massive media fuss about it a year ago e.g.… and… and…

      While a lot of the talk was about mortgages, if you read the comments carefully you'll see how it's mentioned it affected pretty much any credit/finance application especially in the early days with the only difference being I assume it's easier for a bank to decide you could afford a small application for credit than a home loan. (Although interest on credit card debt is actually a very major cost with little benefit, not quite as bad as loan sharks cough I mean instant finance but still.)

      The government has relaxed and clarified the rules since then… effective July, with further incoming… (One of the issues with the law and regulations, as with a lot of laws and regulations, is that they are by design somewhat open-ended. It was banks responsibility to ensure they complied at significant risk if they failed. Given this, they may have gone further than they needed to lest they not go far enough and get in trouble.)

      In other words, especially if your experience was from December 2021 to July 2022, I think you can expect pretty much every bank in NZ would have done the same thing. And I don't know how much fault you should really put on ASB. Things are probably easier since July, and likely to be even easier from March. Note in any case, it's irrelevant for a debit card.

  • Has anyone actually got their free $100 from this. I signed up to asb and completed the required steps over 2 weeks ago and still not bonus. I contacted them and they said they escalated it but still havent heard back.

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