Emergency Kit Suggestions Please

Hopefully this is okay to post here

Now that we have moved to Wellington I’m looking to set up an emergency kit incase of an earthquake. Both a portable one for when in the office and a more comprehensive one for at home.

If anyone has any suggestions as to resources or suggestions for items to include (please add links for any specific suggestions) or premade kits please let me know.

Specifically I would like suggestions for a good quality torch/flashlight or headlamp or both that’s long lasting (preferably a warranty longer than 12 months) that can run off AA batteries (or rechargeable with AA battery back up) and has a decent run time. Something that’s waterproof or at least decently water resistant and has drop protection.

As I know this won’t be cheap for the initial set up I’m hoping the cheapies community can help me save a few dollars with their suggestions.


  • Consumer and EQC have good links on this kind of thing (have done something similar recently ourselves).

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    Led Lenser makes good torches/headlamps. Unsure of waterproof capability though

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    Don't forget some cash. I remember this was something many people said they were lacking after CHCH. No power meant no eftpos for extended times. Without cash or access to it they couldn't buy anything.

    Along the same lines a couple of precharged powerbanks to recharge devices. People remembered radios torches and batteries, but no good for charging a phone. Alternatively a solar panel to do the same. In my kit I have a decent handcrank generator as well as solar panel.

    I use this guy for my torches. He can give good advice as well. https://www.piercingthedarkness.co.nz

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    Put my own together. Dolphin torches from the warehouse are waterproof and run on aa batteries.Very tough I use one daily and drop it often. No need for big $$ (this is choice cheapies)
    Emergency blankets from trademe, amazingly effective grab extras they're ideal to wrap around your hot water cylinder.
    Got a camping stove they are very portable and made a plate so it can use candles for extra fuel.
    I keep an old phone in my kit, holds it's charge amazingly well loses 10% every 6 months or even less.
    Duct tape string and a sharp knife.
    This might sound silly but thinking of adding a car inner tube and bike pump since events in Auckland. Ha. Though they are great flotation and compact.
    First aid of course.
    Half the weight of my kit is drinking water.
    Just think water, shelter ,food , communication and first aid

  • Sorry, correction the dolphin torches use 2 aaa batteries.

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    Living through the earthquakes in chch , I found it difficult to know the best place to put one was as who knew where the damage would occur next? Work it out to your situation. Pet food if you have pets, medication, things others that live with you need. Dont forget to change out food and water periodically to keep it fresh. If you plan for it, hopefully you wont need it

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    Great tip about keeping some cash in the kit thanks. It was a real problem after the Christchurch feb quake I got paid that evening and couldn't get at it. Another huge bonus was a radio and lots of batteries not just for information but entertainment. I had no water or power for 5 days, couldn't stay in the house because bricks were coming through the ceiling from 3 chimneys with the constant aftershocks. Camping out for 5 days the radio was a real blessing

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    Another thing I had then and my kit doesn't have is a solar shower. Was heating water on a fire and putting it in the solar shower bag. Was one of the few having hot showers every day, I must get another one for the kit

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    Just going through the kit. A packet of coffee, nicotene patches and toilet paper are also in there. It's the little things lol

  • Also the kit doesn't have plastic bags just realised. No water means no flushing, we were all crapping into plastic bags after the chch feb quake

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