Apple 10% Cashback on Cashrewards AU (8< Hours Remaining)

Hi all,

I'm still quite new to the site; hopefully, this enquiry is appropriate.
Currently, Cashrewards have a 10% cashback on Apple AU (compared to the standard 1.5%) and must be education store.
This could be a great deal, for example:

Macbook Air M2 retails at $2,149
Education discount -$175
Cashback -$197.40
Total: $1776.6 + AirPods (2nd generation) worth $250.

This deal seems really good for Apple, but I'm unsure if this Cashrewards deal would work for NZ.

I've used Cashrewards once before and found changing the URL from 'au' to 'nz' seemed to work.
Has anyone else had this experience and knows if it could also apply to the AU store?

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    Seeing as there are 2 Apples in Cashback, one for NZ, if I had to guess I'd say it wouldn't work. But if anyone has actually tried it, I would love to hear too.

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