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Trident Premium Coconut Milk 400ml for $1.47 ($2.49 Elsewhere) @ The Warehouse (Instore Only)


it's on clearance @ the Warehouse, elsewhere it is more than $2.49,

With a rich, full bodied flavour and light texture, Trident’s authentic dairy free Coconut Milk is the perfect base for drinks or baking. It’s a full flavoured Milk providing a smooth, rich texture.
Features & Benefits
400 ml can
No added preservatives, no artificial colours

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    Unfortunately, not 100%, only 60%.

    At full price, it is a rip-off, as kara is the same price.

    • 60% coconut milk?

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        Coconut Extract (60%), Water, Stabiliser (466)

    • wat do u mean

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      Bill is on the money - Trident Coconut Milk is a ripoff and also tastes awful.

      You can pickup Kara Organic Coconut Milk for 1.99 at Asian Supermarkets (primarily Indian run ones) it is only 200ml though, but far far superior as a product. Alternatively you can get Ayam Coconut Cream (100%) or Kara Coconut Cream and then dilute for your various purposes or use as is.

      Avoid most of the organic Coconut Cream's offered by Ceres (Certified Organic Coconut 45%, Water) and Chantel (Organic Coconut Extract (59%) and Water)- they are both scamming you. Not only do you pay more, but you get a lesser product.

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    ah nuts. I was hoping the cream would be discounted too.
    If for cooking, coconut cream is more bang for buck - equivalent to 2 cans of coco cream. :D

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