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Does anyone know if Harvey Norman would price match its competitors?

After an apple watch series 8 and they're selling at $729 but I see that Costco is selling them at $699. I could go to Costco and get them however I have an Amex Deal $50 cashback at Harvey Norman which I intend to utilise to get further discount.

On a separate note, anyone find using an apple watch beneficial (i.e. does it justify the price considering it's a "tech" that will go obsolete in 3-4 years compared to an "old-school" watch?)

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  • Also have two of the $50 Amex credits to use by the end of the month. Searching for inspiration on what to get. Waiting to see if any the prices drop at the end of the week for the long Auckland weekend too

    • Same, I have been itching to save those $50

  • Tried in-store to match the Ipad in December. They said no…

    For Inspiration, I did see some gift cards and prezzy cards.. That might work

    • if you dont mind me asking and if you still remembers, what was the price that you tried to match?

      • We bought an iPad Air 5th gen with cellular for $1171 after Christmas, jbhifi, Noel’s said they would have price matched if they had stock but they didn’t

    • Matching with Costco price, i think it was 799 for an Ipad 9th Gen 256.

    • Prezzy cards is an idea, I wonder if that's a valid purchase for receiving cash back.

      • Does Harvey Norman actually sell prezzy card? If so that it would be legit transaction like countdown

  • There is no firm price match promise that they offer. It depends on the item and sales person.
    Im guessing they say no to apple as there isnt as much markup?

    Although ive price matched with an awesome sales person for vacuum who said they arent making and profit on the sale.

  • Try few stores. For me, one of the stores refused to price match, but the other store was fine with price matching.

  • Noel Leeming wouldn't. That's member pricing and when I worked there you wouldn't want an apple watch sale in general. (Well some people thought they could con people into insurance but you do you, I never really tried with that stuff, but that's another can of dishonesty soup)

    If you talk to a salesperson in store they're more or less guaranteed to tell you to get stuffed, wasting time, negative margin etc

    If you talk to a non commissioned / (non targeted) staff member then sure, they might be more obliging.

    If you buy their warranty they'll absolutely price match.

    Re: usefulness. I used a series 4 for a long time and theyre still fantastic. Hard to make a useful distinction between the new SE and series 4 even from a performance standpoint

  • Thanks. It looks like i might just go to Harvey norman eith the $50 off then. Might be hard oursuing another $30off.

    • This is how I would do it, go to HN to buy $1000 prezzy card (+$5.95 fee) using your Amex and use the prezzy card to buy the watch from Costco.

      • That's an idea and I don't see anything against prezzy card in the t&c of Amex deal.

        However not sure if $24 saving is worth the hassle and the petrol cost driving to costco from north shore :D. Thanks dor the idea though

        • Go when your tank is empty and fill up at Costco to save some more. I am pretty sure there is a diff of 20c/l or so in price compared to North shore.

          • @ace310: Bought 250L of sharetank when the price was 2.19/ltr and atm costco is 2.23 :).

            But yeah, you're right. Shore price is around 2.40-2.50/ltr.

  • Apple watch is good tech but you need an Apple phone/tablet to be able to take advantage of it and also they only have a short battery life and need charging every day.

  • Apple has next to no margin so unlikely to work they might do it if there are accessories in the transaction to bring the margin back up

  • +1

    I recently bought a Garmin from HN and got the $50 back because my old Samsung watch active 2 shat the bed. If you are into good health tracking and want better battery life look at a Garmin. Soooo much better than my old Samsung. Can't comment too much about Apple watches, but they are probably slightly better than Samsung watches.

    • +1

      thanks for that. This is for my wife who's on iphone and wanting apple watch for years which I have showed reluctance until now. She argued the watch will help with her work notification etc. so just wanting to ask those who had use smart watches and what they feel like.

      Hard to justify a watch that's more expensive than my phone lol

    • wearing garmin quatix watch from 7-8 years ago, battery still last 2 weeks without using the bluetooth/ant function

  • +1

    I have found with both Harvey Norman and NL they are ok with price matches unless you use certain words. Then it's no interest. Those words that kill it are the likes of Dyson, Apple etc. Other brands they are usually real keen. Those, they just say no straight away.

    Bloody price controls these brands have.

    • There's margin in dyson, they're just not allowed to discount, although I have (on the very rare occaison because its not often that one channel has it cheaper than the other, normally all the same price) price matched dyson (as a salesperson back when) There's no margin in apple and it's probably easy for them to look at it as 'wasting my time and hurting my numbers'

  • I have found it 100% depends on the person you get.

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