Any Free Way to Call an Overseas Mobile (non smart phone)?

Does anyone know if there is a cheaper/free way to call a Malaysian mobile number (non smart phone) from NZ?

My mum back home has never manage to learn the trick to navigate a smart phone, she still prefer her Nokia 8250. I always have to call one of my siblings when they are around with mum in order to video call her or talk to her by using WhatsApp so it's free.

My siblings are not around all the time and I find myself have to call mum from my mobile phone, as you could imagine the bill is adding up.



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    Probably not possible as the phone call has to go thru actual cellphone providers. Any kind of internet call would be free.

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    Use Skype it shouldn't cost much, you can check the pricing on their website

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      Not free, but yes Skype and a few other apps can ring mobile numbers a LOT cheaper than your typical cell calls.

    • Will do, thanks !

    • Thanks!

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    Try AcionVoip, quite cheap, I've been using it for ages to call overseas numbers

    Edit: I can see it's NZ$0.042/min to Malaysian Mobile!

    • That's very cheap option, thank you!

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    Not ideal but it works if your mum has wifi in house, get her an amazon echo show. You can drop-in without having her to do anything.

    This is very helpful in case of emergency and the other person doesn't pickup. I have it setup for my dad.

    I have been using Keepcalling since 7-8 yrs now with very good rate. I checked malaysian mobile is 1c(Usd)/min. You can even send sms as well. Let me know if you need a referral on that. Call quality is excellent. I think they also have a feature for you to dial a local number through which you can call the number you want to connect to. Never used this but it works.

    • Thanks, will investigate these two options

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    This is a good suggestion - an amazon show for her if possible and you just talk to her via your phone and you get the added benefit of video you dont know now (an standard echo will also so it without the video but are dirt cheap to buy) - I do this with my elderly father who also keeps getting confused by whatsapp - its so simple it really cant go wrong press a single button or simply talk to it to answer. Dependent on her having internet, but its worth it just for this for my father and id imagine its very cheap in MY

    • Never heard about this before, but will do some research about this, thanks

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    VoIP Apps such as Skype etc.

    I'm using Vodafone, which often has cheap int'l calls' deals. I know they used to offer particular int'l calls add-on for certain countries.

    • I'm with 2 degree, will check with them, thanks

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    have you tried getting her a tablet or let her use one?, many older people i know cannot navigate a smart phone but can a tablet even though it the same.

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      No we haven't tried tablet. She doesn't get the idea of swiping to accept a call..

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    $5 for unlimited calling for a month and I think you can use landline or mobile phone to make calls. You don't need to have an app.

    • Thank you!

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