Kitchen Aid - Worth It?!

I’m considering splashing out on a kitchen aid stand mixer while they’re half price at briscoes…

Are they worth it?! And why/why not?

I mean I’ve got through this far in my life without one so…


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    Do you regularly bake cakes or just want it to look nice on the bench?

    • Uhhh… Either way, a KitchenAid isn't a bad choice if it's on special 😁

      • Great choice - if you need it! I bought the Kitchenaid toaster and kettle instead as at least it will get used lol

  • What have you been using?

  • Get it! You deserve it!

  • I bought one for my wife's Xmas present (second hand on TradeMe for ($450 with the ice cream maker attachment). She already has a Kenwood that does the job perfectly well but loved this small upgrade. She loves baking so the more I foster enjoyment in this hobby the more I reap the benefits!

    • We also have the kenwood chef mixer, is it really an upgrade from kenwood? I see they both come with 5 year warranty

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        We've had a Kenwood patissier mx271 for several years. The kitchenaid ksm150 feels more 'industrial' or better built in its mechanics/movements. I mostly switched them out for the ice-cream maker tbh, kitchenaid have a better range of accessories. Both are pretty close and are quality enough to last a lifetime with natural wear and tear (I don't usually pay attention to warranties). If I was choosing from scratch I'd go with the KitchenAid.

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    I looked long and hard for a hand beater with a specific attachment. I was seriously considering a Kitchen Aid beater as I just couldn't find a cheaper one that had what I wanted. It was $238. I looked in about 20 Different stores!

    Then one day in the Warehouse I found a beater with the particular attachment that I wanted . It was $19. I bought it. It's still going strong 3 years later. I have to say that my lesson is that a fancy brand name which cost TWELVE times the price of the Warehouse one would not have been better !

  • I've had my Empire Red Heavy Duty for nearly 4 years now. It is fantastic compared to the Sunbeam Mixmaster I had previously. I use it for kneading dough for pizza and bread about half the time and not having something that needs to be restrained from trying to leap to its death off the kitchen counter is a life saver. Plus it is so pretty to look at, and I don't care if the colour is 'in' or not. Plus there are all those tempting accessories!

  • We have one and it’s great.
    My daughter is always baking cakes so it is used all the time.
    Whether it’s worth it or not will come down to how much use it will get. Also remembering you are paying for brand.
    If it’s only occasional use then probably not.

  • As someone who bought their partner one like 5 years ago, she's used it maybe 10 times. It's been very helpful in those times though I do admit, but unless you're a regular baker idk if I'd go for it again. She still loves it though - idk why as it just sits there XD

    And even then if you are a regular baker, I'd go for the bowl lift option instead. A little more money for something like 3x the power (it's been a little while since I looked into it, but I think that's right). It's not that much more considering the build quality difference.

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