No Sulphates Handwash

I purchased a few no sulphates or parabens handwash "Dettol wild rosella and summer citrus". And figured out they don't lather at all. Knowing they are suphates free I expected them to produce not much lather.
Has anyone got any experience using these or any other no sulphates handwash?


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    Are you looking for a SLS/SLES free handwash? Or all types of sulphate free handwash?
    I know the struggle lol

    • SLS / SLES free ones

      • You could try making your own handwash by grating a SLS free bar soap and adding water to it. Just be aware it separates out in the pump bottle.

        Or you could try Castile soap which is already in liquid form ( You would have to add your own scents and water it down to the viscosity you want.

        The mint and manuka ecostore handwash was SLS free at one point, but isn't at the moment unfortunately.

        It's very hard to find liquid SLS free handsoap! Let me know if you have better luck lol

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    What's the benefits when using sulphate free handwash that should be promoted. Thanks

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