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Looking at a Dyson stick vacumn. Am aware if you have a previous Dyson product, or use a Dyson serial number can get 20% - 25% off directly.

Does Dyson often go on sale at the likes of Noel Leeming, Harvey Norman etc?


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  • When I worked for NL we were explicitly not allowed to discount dyson and they were exempt from staff pricing, csc, farmlands etc.

    If dyson go on sale at noels or harveys its dyson calling the shots. You could use the standard $10 coupons for NL

  • I didnt know about the discount if contacting directly, ill give that a shot

    • just did this recently, I believe you will need to have your current dyson product registered with them, then ask for a discount to upgrade to their latest via live chat.

      I was offered 25% off any of their dyson range apart from Gen5detect but it's off their RRP on their store.

      • I did this as well and got 25% off hair dryer with bonus accessories. You don't need the current dyson to be registered I believe, they asked for the serial number and will verify it.

        • side note, how do you find the hair dryer?
          Wife has been asking for it but cannot justify the price. I might have to get it one day after a fight lol.

          • @spam: Very happy with it. I was in the same boat as you, couldn't justify the RRP. but I think I got it for $400+ which is not that high compared to other top brands which sits between $250-$350.

            Got nice case, stand & 2 combs as free so well worth it. Even I used it couple of times, which is first time ever lol.

            Use it on 2 girls regularly now for couple of minutes with minimum heat setting to quickly dry them out and the hair looks very nice. Wife says she is very happy with it, so can't say any more.

            Happy wife, happy life. Go for it.

  • The last I got was the dyson v8 origin plus for $484 via Heathcotes
    Usually these discounts do filter through from Dyson directly (It was $499 on there)
    It is now $799 so yes, they do go on sale.

  • Many times NL sale price is seen on TheMarket as well. And a market coupon can help you offset the price a bit further. Did happen couple of times in last 3 months or so.

  • I'm not sure how often they run these, but there was a factory refurbished sale back in Dec. I got a v10 for $500. https://www.facebook.com/events/1343163306513148

  • The market coupons were good for Dyson, scored a V7 for 380ish

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