FYI on How to Receive a Free Personal 10% Discount Code @ Samsung

You will need to be a samsung rewards member.
So I've done this a few times and what I do is add a few items in cart, remove it, add it again and leave it there for a day and two.
After the items have been left in cart a samsung agent will either email or phone you and ask why you didn't purchase the said item and will send you a 10% discount code.
Can't remember if this 10% code stacked with other codes but hey, 10% is better than nothing right?

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  • If you own anything Samsung just give them a call and ask for one as a loyalty discount. I've had them issue me this twice with almost no questiins asked and no proof required. The first time they even sent it to an email address that had nothing to do with my Samsung devices or accounts.

    Edit: I also stacked mine with the S22 offer and a second code last year to get more bundle for less money.

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