Air Con Re-Gas in Wellington

I need to get the AC re-gased (hasn't been done in 7+ years of ownership) for a 2007 Toyota Auris (Jap Corolla) as it's no longer blowing out cold air. Any recommendations on places to go in Wellington?


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    Its roughly $180-$200
    I used a mobile guy found through google.
    There isnt much variation in the job, pretty straight forward. He tried to charge extra to test for leaks with a dye, but i said just to refill it. He tested it anyway for free.
    I would suggest a simple refill and dont go for any extra offers.

  • I think chrisfix has a video on how to do it yourself.

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    Please do not just refill. It's a closed system. The gas doesn't get used up. If it's got no gas in there it's leaking.

    • Thanks. I won't be doing it myself so assume wherever I take it will be able to check how much is there currently and therefore whether it's leaking?

    • Often it just leaks away through the seals. Especially if you don't use it often enough and the seals dry out.

  • Ended up costing $230+gst from A/C Pro and it was a mobile service. Got quoted $250 & $320 +gst from a couple of other places.

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