Anyone Have Any Luck Extending First Table Offer to More than 4?

Wondering if you can call a restaurant and ask to bring more people. Not the 4+ offer. Do most restaurants only have space for 4? I don't know why they wouldn't want more people dining unless they don't have enough tables.

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    From the FAQ:
    Can I combine First Table bookings for large groups?
    A maximum of one First Table may be booked per group per night. Booking two tables and combining is prohibited.
    If you book a First Table and Regular Table at the same time at the same restaurant, it is at the restaurant's discretion whether or not you are able to combine the tables.

    Can I bring more than four people to a First Table booking?
    Some of our restaurant partners are happy to accommodate additional full paying customers on a First Table booking. We've called this feature Four+More.
    To find restaurants offering this dining option look out for the 4+ icon or search via the Four+More filter on the city page. You'll be able to add extra full paying diners when making your reservation and confirmation of your extra guests will appear in your booking confirmation.
    Please note, this is only available at select restaurants in New Zealand.

    Best to call the place and ask….

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      I am well aware of what first table says but was hoping to bypass them and see if the restaurants are willing to accommodate.

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        Yes, so call the place…..

  • It's probably considered by most restaurants to be a "door buster" type promotion - similar to the Entertainment Book vouchers, in which they get some exposure to new clients that wouldn't have otherwise come, hopefully get a great review, but little to no profit and sometimes even a slight loss.

    If they let you bring in 20 mates, they'll spend the whole evening entertaining you for zero profit. That's unsustainable.

    • A lot of them have a minimum 1 drink per diner, and at 50% off I don't think they are losing money if no one else is being turned away due to capacity.

      I'll give a call to a couple of them to see if they can add a table.

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        Thing is, in the restaurant business you often don't know how busy it's likely to be. If it's a Thurs-Sat night you don't want to fill tables with Cheapies members if you're likely to have to turn away full paying walk-in patrons at the door. Other nights you may get away with it, but it doesn't help business. All you're doing is going through more consumables and making your staff work harder for little/no additional gain. You might claim "customer goodwill", but that's what the 4 seats gets you.

        Look, I'm a tightwad as much as the next Cheapie, but restaurants hate our (HUGELY generalised) type: we want more for less, are far more likely than most to complain and/or leave a bad review, we come as often as it's cheap or free but aren't likely to ever return and pay full price in future. It's a gross generalisation, but surprisingly accurate in predicting clientele behaviour.

        Disclosure: worked alongside a restaurant creating and managing the restaurant management/booking software system for almost 4 years, monitoring such things as complaints and reviews and chatting often with staff about such things.

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          I'll pay full price for the others if I have to, but the first table booking has very limited 4+ options. I haven't tried saving any money on food yet, I am the type that does walk-ins and pays around $200 for 4.

      • That neg wasn't me, btw… 🙂 Give it a shot, the worst that can happen is they say no.

  • Was told that first table is really strict about the max number of people. Even tried to exclude the 5th person from 50% off and pay full price (just sitting with us), still no.

    • Was that first table or the restaurant?

      • restaurant.

    • I've never had any issue with more than four - just the discount was limited to that number.

      I have always checked they are okay with it before ordering anything - if not, we'll decide to stay or not. I also offer to split the bill into four plus one (say), but none have ever taken up that 'offer' :-)

      At the end of the day, the question is whether the restaurant wants another diner or no diners - I'm not too worried if we have to go elsewhere since it is usually 5:30pm or just after, and they are just about empty, same as all the other restaurants nearby.

  • We booked a table for four and brought our kids along. Kids paid full price

    • That's what I'm going for, which restaurant and did you call them beforehand to arrange?

      • The Golden Olive, Farm Cove.

        Yes, I called them and confirmed that it was fine before booking.

        • Excellent, thanks.

          • @Bill: Oh and by the way the booking conditions at that restaurant said that each diner had to purchase a drink, but the waitress said to us that we didn't need to. I suppose they're pretty flexible so it pays to ask (although I suspect the boss wasn't in that night)

            • @Stoffel: I'll give it a shot but seems like you got lucky and other places aren't likely to do the same.
              I wouldn't expect to have to buy drinks for guests paying full though.

  • I did book with one that said 4+ and they divided dinner by 5, so only received 33% discount each. Fair enough as I have been a matre'd and no money is made off a table with 50% discount. Larger tables are a lot of work and this offer is designed to create a buzz to look busy and inviting. Serves no benefit loosing dollars by taking larger groups. Also used Bookme for dinner to do a larger group and annoying paid the $1 per person deal to book and kids were full price upon ordering not mentioned anywhere.

    • Shouldn't it have been 40% discount each?

      4/5= 50%
      80% * 50% = 40%


      300/5 = 60

      Also, would prefer it charges as individuals paying full rather the discount get split between the group. Which restaurant was this?

      Don't mind paying full for extras but barely any restaurants offer 4+ option.

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        That was all their system could calculate and with drinks it becomes confusing😜. At times you are at the mercy of what they decide at each establishment.

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